mykki blanco speaks out about becoming an investigative journalist

The musician tells i-D about her plan to leave the music world and document “homosexuality and gay culture in remote corners of the world.”

by i-D Team and Alice Newell-Hanson
24 March 2015, 4:40pm

Photography Bruno Staub

Mykki Blanco has always been about living her truth. Today, she took to Facebook to explain why she will not be releasing any new music in the near future. "I must be honest, writing words that rhyme over beats made by other people mostly male no longer interests me and I've felt this way for over a year now. I do not find being a "rapper" fascinating," she wrote.

What she does find fascinating though is writing. Mykki told i-D today:

"My first passion before performing, ever since I was a child, has been writing. As Mykki Blanco I had the chance to tour the world extensively three times over the course of two years, and visit places and encounter cultures I would have never dreamed of. As much as I was aware of difference in each locale I became ever more aware of our commonalities and the need to allow people to see just how similar and united we truly are as a human race. I'm not done learning, I'm not done evolving as a human being in this life. And while I am sure I have not turned my back on the arts or entertainment for good, it is time I use the audience and platform I have acquired as a tool to communicate to the world my journey, my findings, my research and my reflections as I better educate myself about the social issues that plague our planet, creating an organic network of infinite possibilities to spread global awareness."

While there is obvious sadness surrounding Mykki's departure from music, we couldn't be more excited to witness her next incarnation. Her first trip will be to Nepal, where she will "begin learning about homosexuality and LGBT rights in Nepalese society specifically that of the "third gender" group referred to as "Meti"."


Photography Bruno Staub

Mykki Blanco