​exclusive: watch frank lebon’s new music video for orfeo

Drift off to the sweet sounds of Orfeo's new video for 'So Far So Good.'

by Tish Weinstock and i-D Staff
14 April 2015, 8:30am

The best things come in pairs, and we couldn't be more excited about the pairing of DoBeDo filmmaker Frank Lebon and up and coming artist Orfeo. With Frank on the low-fi, dream like visuals and Orfeo providing the sweet, soul-filled sounds, So Far So Good, which is taken from the album Purple Thursdays, is a modern lullaby about the strains of love. 

"I remember meeting Orfeo when he was playing with his friend Jamie Travis and getting them round to crunch (where I lived) for a gig," Frank explains. "When So Far So Good came out I knew it was time to make a video of him. The smooth song is complemented by a sharp undertone that haunts you throughout, I wanted to keep this as a theme in the video, the idea of him floating along with London in the background came to me instantly. The rest is what you see. It's a good chunk of him and me, with a slice of fuckery." "I've seen Frank translate his laid-back carefully crafted style into several artworks,'' Orfeo adds, ''so as soon as he suggested collaborating on a video I agreed without question. Hopefully it's the first of many!" 

We hope so too! Watch the video exclusively below.



Text Tish Weinstock
Photography Frank Lebon

Frank Lebon