lulu kennedy, the next generation's fairy godmother

Curly-haired, crystal-eyed, superbly-styled and bang on it, Lulu Kennedy is the epicentre of London fashion. With an eye sharper than a samurai, she’s found and nurtured some of the industry’s biggest talents through Fashion East, the platform she laid...

by i-D Team
02 June 2014, 4:30pm

From left to right: Louise Gray, Lulu Kennedy, Henry Holland.

Now sponsored by Topshop and Topman, Fashion East has supported designers, including Gareth Pugh, Richard Nicoll, Meadham Kirchhoff, Jonathan Saunders, J.W. Anderson, Claire Barrow, Ryan Lo, Ashley Williams, Craig Green, Bobby Abley and Alan Taylor. The queen of collaboration, her designers have become her friends, all diehard Lulu fans who would lay down their lines for her. She's the one you want to talk to at a fashion party, shimmy down with on the dance floor, and laugh about it with over a roast dinner the following Sunday. It takes talent to know talent, and after more than ten years of roaring business, Lulu's name is followed by MBE, editor at large of LOVE magazine and director of clothing label Lulu & Co, on top of her ever increasing work at Fashion East, whose alumni were only too happy to ask their no.1 lady a question for us. It's a new generation of party people.

Henry Holland: What was your last fashion week panic dream?
Oh God, they started a few nights ago. Mid-show, the models suddenly started doing weird improvised theatre and trying to make the front row "interact" with them. I couldn't even look it was so cringe.

Thom Murphy: Dear Lulu, you must have huge faith in people to be able to achieve what you have over the years; there's something fearless about that. Where do you think that comes from?
Hiya luv. Probably from having nothing to lose. I honestly don't give much of a shit.

James Long: What song makes you want to get up on a chair and dance?
Hi babe. On the Floor by JLo, of course! Love Don't Cost a Thing is also amazing cause you can re-enact the video, and throw your jewellery and clothes on the dance floor in a tantrum.

Louise Gray: I love Fashion East after-parties. Is there a particular outfit you remember having a great dance in?
Yes! A green and tangerine silk shift dress from your MA collection! It was that party we did in the tunnel under Somerset House; Sloanie and Henry DJ'd. Wildest dance floor ever!

Astrid Andersen: Who's your biggest hero?
Animal from The Muppets is my EVERYTHING.

Christopher Shannon: Would you rather have a lifetime supply of tequila or a new jeep?
Deffo a new pimped-out jeep, with air-con and a massive hand-built sound system. I'm gonna open a tequila distillery when I retire, so don't worry, there will be plenty for us lot to drink.

Roksanda Ilincic; What was your favourite drink at sunset in Tulum? And at sunrise?
Margaritas made with scorpion-infused tequila for sundown. Beer for breakfast, ice cold, so refreshing!

Alan Taylor: What's your biggest design envy? What have you seen, from any period in history, that you wish you had thought of first?
I'd love to meet the person who invented hammocks and buy them a beer. Hammocks are perfect beings.

Bobby Abley: Do you love it? And can I take you on a date to Nando's?
Course I love it. Yes, when? WHEN?!

Matthew Miller: The Spice Girls were a seminal force in girl power during the 90s. I can see a lot of positive traits in your own persona. You're athletic like Sporty, slightly unhinged like Scary, single-minded like Ginger and the same height as Baby. What's Posh about you?
Umm... Hanging out with the Queen at Buckingham Palace is pretty posh I reckon? LOL.

Martine Rose: If you were a superhero, what would your superpowers be and what would your costume look like?
I would be invisible and go around giving people secret hugs when they were having a bad time and needed a hug. Maybe I would leave a little trail of twinkles. Disney style.

Ryan Lo: Sesame or glitter head?
Glitter head sounds more frisky.

Craig Green: If you were a fruit, what fruit would you be and why?
Passion fruit. Tropical vibes. You can make a chilli passion fruit martini out of me!

Holly Fulton: What makes you happiest? And who do you prefer, Chaka Demus or Pliers?
Sunshine and friends, preferably together. Snoop Lion - I just love saying his name. SNOOP LION!

Michael van der Ham: What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given?
My grandad told me, "Tell the truth. Be brave. Look after your people." I like the simplicity of it.

Claire Barrow: Favourite Charles Bukowski line?
Argh... Impossible question. I love all his lines too much! "Don't Try" carved on his own gravestone is pretty good.

Ashley Williams: If you were abducted by aliens and could only take one thing from planet Earth with you, what would it be?
My jeep!



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