watch the first trailer for the new twin peaks

The first glimpse of David Lynch's 2017 return to the small screen.

by Ryan White
21 December 2015, 5:09pm

"I'll see you again in 25 years." Laura Palmer may have always promised a return to our screens, but that doesn't mean 2015 hasn't been a roller coaster of emotions for devout fans of iconic supernatural melodrama Twin Peaks. Following the announcement of season three in late 2014 (via a suitably cryptic Tweet from Lynch himself), a range of different possible outcomes have floated across the Internet and through our minds.

First Lynch dropped out, owing to a dispute with Showtime. Citing not enough budget to effectively bring his new vision of the show to life, the show hit its first roadblock: what would Twin Peaks be like without David Lynch? The original cast joined together for an eerie video asking that very question.

Following this overwhelming display of encouragement for his return, and an agreement with Showtime, Lynch was back on board. Now, while the show may have been delayed to 2017 we've been treated to the most tangible product of Twin Peaks season three to date: a trailer, bringing a year of ups and downs to a satisfying close.

While little is revealed as to the story of season three, the clip certainly reminds us of Lynch's signature blend of small town values with a dark and sordid underbelly. Exciting.

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