​90s björk had no time for your sexist bullshit either

Watch the recently resurfaced interview from Spanish television.

by Matthew Whitehouse
14 March 2016, 2:35pm

A recently resurfaced clip of 90s Björk is doing the rounds thanks to her still pertinent thoughts on gender stereotyping. As picked up by The Cut, the interview -- which first aired in February 1994 by Spain TV -- features the five-time i-D cover star waxing lyrical about the issue, following the release of her second album, the appropriately-titled, Debut. "Men: They can be silly, fat, funny, intelligent, hard-core, sensual, philosophical," says 90s Björk. "But with women they always have to be feminine. Feminine, feminine."

90s Björk continues: "I'd just like to see women who can be characters and can be themselves and No. 1, 2, 3 they are what they are and No. 10, they happen to be women in the same way that you happen to be Spanish and I happen to be Icelandic."

Watch the clip from around 3:35 below.

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