illma gore assaulted by trump supporter over her nude painting

'This type of violence makes creatives feel like we live in a world where our individual creative input isn't safe,' the gender-fluid artist wrote on Instagram over the weekend.

by Hannah Ongley
02 May 2016, 5:10pm


Last month Illma Gore found a home for her naked painting of Donald Trump at a gallery in London. The young artist had received death threats in her U.S. homeland over the nude, titled Make America Great Again in reference to the GOP frontrunner's campaign slogan. "I cannot exhibit [the painting] in the USA due to censorship and also threats from Trump supporters to harm both myself and the artwork," she said in a statement via London's Maddox Gallery. 

Turns out her fears were well founded. After returning home from London, Gore was violently assaulted by a Trump supporter outside her Los Angeles residence. She posted about her experience on Instagram over the weekend along with a selfie showing her bruised and swollen eye. "Today I was punched in the face by a man who got out of his car and yelled, 'Trump 2016!" in Los Angeles, just days after I returned home from London just down the road from my house," she wrote. "Though I encourage passion, opinion and emotion, especially though art, I think violence is disgusting. To live in a place where Facebook has given my address to an anonymous third party makes me feel like I am homeless again. This type of violence makes creatives feel like we live in a world where our individual creative input isn't safe."

She included an appeal to Trump himself to stop sanctioning violent behavior. "I am sad that this is the state of our America right now," she wrote. "I am sad that Trump, and many of his supporters, don't find words enough to express their opinions — they need walls, waterboarding and punches. @realdonaldtrump Please stop glamorizing and perpetuating violence. Make America Decent Again! #makeamericadecentagain No, they have not been caught, and the men drove off laughing."

The incident is clearly frightening for a multitude of reasons, artistic censorship and physical injury just two of them. And if the attacker really did find Gore's address through Facebook, this is a particularly disturbing facet. Last year the platform banned Gore when the nude was shared over 260,000 times in two days — even though she had censored the image herself. So much for freedom of speech. 



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