anna sui is reviving her sought after 90s designs for opening ceremony

Your endless online search for the classic vintage pieces ends here.

by Briony Wright and Briony Oates
13 May 2016, 1:43pm

Opening Ceremony has joined forces with iconic designer Anna Sui to make all your fashion daydreams come true by releasing a capsule collection of precise reproductions of some of her most famous and sought after pieces. The garments on offer -- originally from her 1993 grunge and 1994 punk collections -- demonstrate the enduring popularity of Anna as a designer and the 90s aesthetic. Competition for rare, original remnants from these archives has been fierce.

For many their prayers have now been answered in the form of bell-sleeved tops and pants, chokers and the exact Field of Posies halter top and mini skirt Kate Moss wore down the runway almost twenty years ago. 

Revel in the crochet, tulle, satin and velvet nostalgia and take a trip down memory lane with this video from the show where it all began. 

Opening Ceremony