​class of 2016: 10 things you need to know about neverland clan…

Neverland Clan are the most right-now group of right-now.

by Hattie Collins
23 November 2015, 12:10pm

Hailing from Catford (apart from Hackney born Daniel OG), Neverland Clan are a self-contained DIY project that encompass art, design, fashion and music. Known separately for their solo endeavors, the Clan consists of 20 year-old Ryan Hawaii musician, artist, designer and illustrator, Omelet, 20, musician and producer, 19 year-old rapper and producer Daniel OG and Okimi, 18, the crew's illustrator and videographer. An Odd Future of sorts, if you will, the quartet are quietly subverting the accepted ideas of artistry with a punk, almost bacchanalian approach that is both exciting and enthralling. There are a lot of things you need to know about Neverland Clan; we managed to narrow it down to the top ten….

1. Neverland Clan don't recommend you drink the Kool Aid
Daniel OG: Neverland Clan is a cult, a mentality, a way of thinking and feeling. It's a good cult though; if you adopt a Neverland mentality, your life will be better.
Omelet: Music is a way to exert how I feel.Ryan: Music helps me a lot with my mental state. It keeps me going, at times. I feel like I need it. My brain is always working. If I didn't have a creative outlet, I'd go mad.

2. Neverland area a cult AND a boyband
Daniel OG: When you have a creative mind, more often than not, the school system helps to suppress it. A lot of people try to fit in, but we're anti-that. Be yourself, live your own movie, do whatever it takes to be happy.
Ryan: We were all outsiders growing up. We're a group of misfits, but all in one place. Basically, it's a cult fronted by a boyband.
Daniel OG: I feel like I'm the Zayn.
Ryan: I think I'm the black Harry Styles. Sometimes I'm a bit wild.
Daniel OG: We're working class rock stars.
Ryan: We all quit our jobs to be rock stars.

3. They've all had pretty crappy jobs, but Omelet wins the award for best-worst-job ever
Ryan: I worked in retail at New Look and got fired for writing lyrics on till receipts and drawing on toilet roll. That job was bullshit. Then I worked at Busaba as a waiter. I quit that. That's what inspired me to start creating. I quit because I kept dropping drinks on people.
Daniel: I've worked at the Olympics serving food. And I picked up litter at Secret Cinema.
Okimi: I was a coat check girl at Xerxes at the Gherkin. I'd have to hang 400 coats up on my own.
Omelet: When I was about 17, I used to take piss for a living. I worked for a sexual health clinic, so I'd go round Stratford giving out condoms and telling people about chlamydia. People would piss in a cup. I'd have about 50 to 60 a day in my bag. On the upside, I got loads of free condoms.

4. They have lofty expectations for who would play them in a film of their lives.
Ryan: Tom Hardy.
Daniel OG: I feel like I could play Biggie; I could do it better than the other guy did.

5. Their influences are far and wide ranging
Daniel OG: Nate Dogg, Fela Kuti, Missy Elliott, Pharrell, Aaliyah, Timbaland, Michael Jackson, Stormzy - I'm trying to be the people's champion.
Okimi: Chris Cunningham and Quentin Tarentino. Leonardo Davinchi.
Ryan: I'd really like to work with Ai Wei Wei.

6. Okimi has the number 9 tattooed on her body
Okimi: My favourite number is 9 so I got '9' in Japanese tattooed on nine different places on my body.
Daniel: I've got a tattoo of Fela Kuti on my arm, I just got it done.

7. Ryan's fans include Skepta, who's worn Ryan's designs and Virgil Abloh, who invited Hawaii to join him at a seminar earlier this year
Ryan: They're two artists that I really respect and I'm lucky enough that they know who I am. I met Skepta at one of Virgil's parties in London. I look up to anyone who pushes the boundaries of what they do, and I think they both do that. And Virgil is very selfless; he's a person who practices what he preaches.

8. Omelet and Ryan made a mixtape called Playstation, which premiered on i-D
Omelet: Playstation was made over the period of two years.
Ryan: Everything we record is recorded in my bedroom in Catford. Just a shitty studio, really.
Omelet: I make beats when I'm most sad. I think with dark music there's more angles with it, whereas there's not so much you can do with happiness. When you're sad you can be frustrated, angry, it can take you to so many places.

9. Daniel OG is putting together a girl group
Daniel: I just dropped a mixtape called Art Attack and my next venture is to start a girl group. We're looking for female singers with style. Message me @DanieltripleoG if you're interested. But please don't send me beats. We're self produced and we don't need beats from other producers. Not in a rude way, cos you can learn from other people, but…
Ryan: Everything is in-house, so the instrumentals are produced by Omelet or Daniel, we make special outfits for shows, that I paint, and I do the artwork too. Okimi documents what we're doing. We're like a party in a box; we've got people who can DJ, people who can perform live and people who can promote the content.
Okimi: I dropped out of art school. I made the Clan's Eye trailer in a day and then a month later we released the first episode. I just learnt the basics, I taught myself.

10. They have ambitions that extend beyond winning awards and getting number one singles.
We want to make our own cartoon.Daniel: We want to open youth clubs.
Omelette: We want to open a Morley's in Hackney, cos there still isn't one. North is lacking right now in chicken.

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Photography assistance Rowan Hall
Styling assistance Bojana Kozarevic, Siobhan Wood, Issy Martin
Hair assistance Nicola Harrowell-Browne
Make-up assistance Famida Ayub, Ruth Coutinho
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