tyler the creator rants about warm milk, crap rap and snapchat

As part of Odd Future, producer, rapper, writer, director and actor Tyler The Creator is one of pop culture’s most fascinating figures. Operating outside of the confines of expectation and limitation, the brilliantly divisive LA-born creative isn’t...

by Hattie Collins
12 August 2014, 9:00pm

Photography Brick Stowell

bacon, beans and british breakfasts...
"Europe has the worst food ever. All the food on the right side of America and on the left side of America is fucking horrible. I hate it, it makes me depressed. It forces me to be vegan and vegetarian and fucking weird cos there's nothing to eat. Just bran, beans and shit, you fucking weirdos. It's 7am in the morning and you guys eat beans and a full tomato and then you go for your full day. What kind of shit is that?! And y'all love warm milk. I go to festivals and I think, 'Hmmm maybe I can have some cereal because it's the only normal shit y'all got'. But not only do you only have Bran Flakes, and no good cereals with, like, flavours and shit, y'all keep the milk outside the refrigerator. WHAT THE FUCK? And the bacon... Y'all don't even fry it, or microwave it, or nothing, you just boil that shit in hot fucking water and put that shit out. It's fucked up, it's racist and it's ignorant. Hahaha."

london and playing grand theft auto with adele...
"I love London, London is sick, other than the fact that y'all don't have no sunlight. Every time I'm there it's always raining and shit. Where the fuck is the sun at?! I actually really don't mind London. London is alright with me and I can't explain why. Oh shit, y'all got Cara [Delevingne], Cara's from London that's why. Cara is awesome. King Krule is from London, I fucking love King Krule, and XL is out there, I love XL. I saw Adele at the Marshall [Eminem, Wembley] show and she ran up to me and was like, 'Tyler, it's me!' And I was like, 'Who the fuck are you?!' cos it was dark, and then she was like, 'It's me, Adele', and I was like, 'Oh my God!' and we hugged. She was like, 'How is everything, how's your mum?' And I was like, 'Fine, how are you?' I think she met my mum at the VMAs and they spoke a bit. That's what happened, she rules. Me and Adele played Grand Theft Auto at the XL office a couple of years ago. We were killing people and it was so tight, I fucking love her. I'm so happy for her. She rules. People might think because of the music she makes she has a dull personality or she's always serious or sad. But that girl is just a bowl of yellow and happiness. She's awesome, I fucking love her."

stylists, steaks and rap culture...
"I fucking hate rap music, it sucks that I'm a rapper and I have to somehow be in the same boat as these stupid motherfuckers. I wish I was in a rock band. I'm not trying to make out that I'm more than I am or shit. I'm a rapper. But some of these guys fucking suck dude. They have stylists, they can't think for themselves. Or they hear the songs that are popping and try to emulate that song because everyone else likes it and hopefully it will catch on. I hate all these rappers, man. I wish people could just ask me what music I'm into, rather than what rap I'm into.' They think that just because I'm a rapper, the only fucking thing I listen to and pay attention to is these other weak ass n*ggas, who are on Instagram uploading pictures of steak, saying they just flexed up and spent $700 dollars on a fucking steak, you dumb fuck. Idiot fuck, you piece of shit. I was just ranting man, just getting my point across and the shit I think about. I'm sorry for yelling, man..."

instagram + instant gratification...
Instagram is sick, I fucking love it. But when I'm not on Instagram, one - I don't Instagram everything I do, and two - when I'm not on Instagram, I'm living life. I'm enjoying myself. I'm not sitting around doing shit just to put on the Internet. I'm doing this shit because life is awesome and that's the difference. It's like kids have to film, take photos and film every thing that happens instead of just chilling and enjoying and having memories that they can tell people about. Kids be tweeting shit just to get retweets. Like, shut the fuck up. I sound like a hypocrite because I have a TV show and there's footage on YouTube of us at all these shows and you can go to my Instagram… But smart n*ggas get what I'm trying to say. Sometimes I get so flustered, so intense and so passionate about shit that my brain is just rushing, and it's hard to articulate what I'm trying to say at times, so sometimes I might come off as an idiot..."



Text Hattie Collins
Photography Brick Stowell
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