naomi campbell’s nipples set a new instagram record

The fashion icon’s topless photo lasted 20 hours before being taken off Instagram.

by Hana Beach
17 September 2015, 6:59pm

Photography Nick Knight

Following Instagram's nipple purge of 2015, the #freethenipple movement has been gaining support from ladies everywhere. Californian teenagers and Icelandic politicians alike are taking to social media and baring their chests in the name of sexual equality. And yesterday, supermodel, talk show host, and soon to be American Horror Story actress Naomi Campbell joined the fight by sharing a topless image of herself along with the hashtag #freethenipple.

Instagram is usually incredibly diligent in its fight against exposed female nipples: Chelsea Handler's boobs only made it 30 minutes before being taken down. But the nipple-censoring powers that be left Naomi Campbell's topless picture up for 20 hours before restricting the post. The site has been criticized for its confusing nudity policy that allows sans-nipple, baby-feeding and post-mastectomy images of breasts but forbids areolas. And although we still have a long way to go before Instagram agrees to help desexualize the female body, Naomi Campbell and the nearly-day-long run of her pic can at least say they, sort of, won this battle.


Text Hana Beach 
Image via @iamnaomicampbell
Photography Nick Knight, Styling Edward Enninful. [The 30th Birthday Issue, no. 308, Pre-Fall 2010]

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