mattel honors misty copeland with her own barbie doll

The Mattel range just got a little more diverse and a lot more badass.

by Hannah Ongley
03 May 2016, 4:23pm

Misty Copeland apparently played with Barbies until she was 13, at which point she discovered a new hobby that probably didn't leave much time for organizing doll outfits. Fast forward 20 years and Copeland — who became the first black female principal dancer in the American Ballet Theatre's 75-year history last summer — is a bonafide icon herself. Turns out Mattel is now as big a fan of the revolutionary ballerina as she was of theirs, and has officially honored Copeland with a Barbie in her likeness. The doll is part of the brand's Barbie Sheroes series, which previously recreated Zendaya's unnecessarily controversial 2015 Oscars look. Copeland's version features the dancer's signature fire leotard and insane calves.

This is a big win not just for Copeland but for the next generation of stereotype-smashing Barbie fans. "As a brand, we want to honor women, like Misty, who are inspiring the next generation of girls to live out their dreams," said Lisa McKnight, Barbie's general manager and senior vice president. "We know role play often leads to real 'play' in life and we're thrilled to celebrate Misty with her very own doll." The Misty Barbie is already sold out on Mattel's website, so clearly the new gen is equally psyched. 



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