kim kardashian is releasing a new ‘selfish’ co-starring north and saint

Check out the new cover from the Selfie Queen's second edition of her seminal best-seller.

by i-D Staff and Hannah Ongley
12 August 2016, 4:15pm

It has now been over a year since the release of her modern self-portraiture anthology Selfish. But anyone with an internet connection will be aware that Kim Kardashian West's title as the reigning queen of selfies remains firmly in tact. In 2016 alone she has not oncenot twice, but three times threatened to #BreakTheInternet — something only Kim Kardashian West can ostensibly achieve without typing "Google" into Google — using selfies alone. Just this week she told the world to "get ready" for a post-baby sequel to the infamous naked selfie that spawned countless think pieces, endless sexist backlash, and even a biting essay on female empowerment from KKW herself. Fans and feminists now have that plus over 120 more previously unseen selfies to look forward to. The Wife of Pablo and the Andy Warhol of our time has just announced a revised and updated edition of Selfish featuring 64 new pages, including photos with her kids Saint and North West. 

The new and improved Selfish is out October 11 via Rizzoli. Mark it in your iCal — last year's limited-edition cover of a Saint West-free Selfish sold out almost immediately. 

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Text Hannah Ongley 
Image courtesy of Rizzoli

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