challenging gender stereotypes in a portrait series of glamorous men

CSM graduate Lily Bling wants to challenge the way society defines masculinity.

by Zoé Dreadon
30 November 2017, 6:14pm

Richard Dowker

The latest project from Ryan Peterson, AKA Lily Bling, is a series of photographs titled LVLY by lily, styled by him and photographed by London-based photographer Richard Dowker.

The idea behind this exhibition came from Lily’s discovery that people never associate glamour with men. The images aim to use glamorous clothing to challenge this notion, and current menswear trends, and prove that men can be just as audacious with their outfits.

Greatly influenced by portraits found in the National Portrait Gallery, the images of men dressed-up in flamboyant clothes are shot in the same imposing manner as some of the museum’s classic photographs of historical figures.

LVLY by lily will be on view from 8pm-12am at Bistrotheque in London on the 3rd December. The dress code is “HIGH GLAMOUR.”

Richard Dowker
lily bling