watch the first trailer for netflix’s reboot of queer eye

“The original show was fighting for tolerance. Our show is fighting for acceptance.”

by Georgie Wright
18 January 2018, 2:07pm

Netflix have just released the first trailer for their reboot of Queer Eye and it’s giving us all the feels. Think: pep talks on confidence, families rooting for each other, really offensive cargo pants. “The original show was fighting for tolerance," the trailer says. “Our show is fighting for acceptance."

That’s not the only shift (though it is the most important one). While the original (which first aired in 2003) took place in New York, this season features a slew of Atlanta dwellers. There’s also a whole new crew, each with their own specialty subject: Jonathan Van Ness is on grooming, Karamo Brown is championing culture, Bobby Berk’s redoing rooms, Antoni Porowski is all about refining palettes and Tan France is doing it for fashion. Like the Power Rangers, but better. Better because they’re out here opening minds and stamping out stereotypes: “Are you the husband or the wife?” one of their ‘clients’ asks two of the hosts, to which they respond, “Let’s break that down. That is a misconception. Let’s unpack that.”

The show is released on Netflix on 7 February. Here’s to a season of unpacking terrible wardrobes and misconceptions alike, and replacing them with the good stuff.

This article originally appeared on i-D UK.

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