a yeezy pop-up closed within an hour because nobody came

Yeezy’s activewear collaboration didn't meet the hype.

by Mitch Parker
08 May 2018, 7:57am

Liam Goodner via Shutterstock

Going off past examples the combination of Kanye West and a pop-up store is a fast track to long lines and sellout product. That was until this past weekend when an exception to the rule was discovered in Sydney.

Despite some fanfare when it was announced and a feature on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram, Yeezy’s collaboration with Australian activewear label 2XU failed to be the instant sellout the label predicted. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that 2XU’s pop-up store to launch the the range shut down within 45 minutes due a lack of customers. In the piece a 2XU representative is quoted, “There’s been a change of direction from head office and unfortunately the event has been cancelled.”

The newspaper's piece also mentioned sources claiming Kanye West’s recent social media exploits negatively impacted the release the collection. It’s a simple enough connection to make at the moment — but that doesn’t make it entirely correct. While launching the capsule collection, consisting of $550 leggings and $500 shorts, through a Sydney pop-up might have been a misstep the product has since sold out on 2XU’s website. Another online retailer is also stressing the limited stock remaining. So what happened here?

Although Yeezy designs are thought of as fast moving product in reality that can only be said of the label’s wildly successful sneakers. Yeezy footwear designs are huge business for the brand and its backer adidas, but its apparel doesn’t always live up the same stellar movement. Yeezy apparel, with the exception of certain hot ticket items, isn’t particularly hard to get your hands on. It seems like in 2XU’s case they got caught up in their own hype and failed to realise this.

If Kanye West’s claims about Yeezy being a billion dollar company are true it looks like some of that billion is getting made a lot faster than the rest of it.

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