'booksmart' is the female-fronted, teen party movie for the next generation

Watch the trailer and see why critics are calling the coming of age film the new 'Superbad.'

by Nicole DeMarco
11 March 2019, 7:02pm

Photo via YouTube

Booksmart is a coming of age comedy starring Kaitlyn Dever and Beanie Feldstein as a dynamic duo of overachieving, hilariously awkward-ish smart girls, Amy and Molly, who are determined to make their last night of high school as memorable as possible. On the last day of school they realize that while all their hard work got them into great colleges, their party-hard peers also got into good schools all the while breaking way more rules. It’s time for them to indulge in a little partying and get into some (harmless?) trouble along the way.

“We have to go to a party tonight. Nobody knows that we’re fun,” Molly says. “We didn’t party because we wanted to focus on school and get into good colleges. The irresponsible people who partied also got into those colleges. We haven’t done anything. We haven’t broken any rules!” The trailer shows the girls then embarking on a night of debaucherous fun, armed with hand sanitizer and mace, in the fashion of Superbad meets Lady Bird. The always funny Lisa Kudrow and Jason Sudeikis play supporting roles, and the night of hijinks, under the guise of “we’ll probably just do a Korean face mask,” includes fireworks and a run in with the cops.

The film is Olivia Wilde’s directorial debut and Booksmart hits theaters May 24, but for now, watch the full trailer below.

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