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It's about feeling a bit lonely and wanting someone to entertain you.

by Frankie Dunn
24 October 2016, 3:40pm

Copenhagen duo Smerz are wizards at their craft. We first became familiar with them back at the start of the 2016 when we premiered their beautiful second track, Because. Soon after, we were lucky enough to catch a very special show in their Oslo hometown; their minimal techno-pop sending an ethereal kind of euphoria washing over listeners gathered in the gothic church venue of St. Edmunds.

Fast forward through the very good Sure, Girl and Blessed and we find the girls releasing their debut EP, Okey. To celebrate (it's been out in the world for two days now) their latest single has been treated to a typically lo-fi music video featuring plenty of great hair being thrown about and some effortlessly cool dance moves, shot through the day and into the night, by and with friends. 

"Blessed is about feeling a bit lonely and wanting someone to entertain you," the girls told us over email this morning. Luckily, as if solving the very problem they just acknowledged, Catharina and Henriette are on their way to London to keep us entertained. Now, who's going to help us learn the dance routine in time for their London show this Wednesday night at Corsica Studios?


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