Images via Instagram and YouTube

this 3d artist went from instagram to making troye sivan videos

Inside the surreal and hyper erotic world of Jason Ebeyer.

by Mitch Parker
10 May 2018, 12:30am

Images via Instagram and YouTube

When Jason Ebeyer first started making 3D illustrations and posting them on Instagram it was during that particular period when vaporwave was the dominant aesthetic. You know, 3D graphics of neon coloured Grecian busts set against checkerboard floors — that kind of thing. For a while Jason made similar work but ultimately found it limiting. Instead he shifted his focus and developed his own style by reimagining erotica with futuristic and surreal elements. These days Jason's images feature glossy models elongated to almost-alien proportions and styled in latex and leather.

During the process of developing his signature style Jason also developed a following. One particular fan is Troye Sivan who he recently collaborated with on the music video for the single Bloom. In the aftermath of releasing Bloom we caught up with Jason to talk about his artwork and what it was like making a dewy-skinned 3D replica of Troye Sivan.

The proportions of the bodies featured in your work remind of me of fashion sketches. Some are impossibly skinny with long limbs and necks while others are hyper muscular. Why is that?
I really love the exaggerated limbs and necks in fashion sketches and that's a large part of why my models look like that. Growing up I was inspired by artists like Gil Elvgren who did pin up art and I just tried to take that idea to the next level. Like a caricature of the mainstream idea of perfection.

Your models also always have extremely glossy skin. It's almost like they’re wrapped in plastic.
That's kind of become part of my signature style, you could say. It happened randomly to be honest. I was on a holiday around Halloween so I started putting together this creepy animation of a girl grinning. I was playing with different skin material ideas and I just thought it would be cool if she looked like a glossy porcelain doll. After I made the clip I was like, “Yep, this is it. This is what I want to be making.”

Leather, kink and fetish wear are also signatures of your style. Are those subcultures big inspirations for you?
I think it's a throwback to when I was a teenager and my favourite band was Cradle of Filth. The imagery in most of the album booklets and music videos was very fetishised and gothic. I’ve loved it ever since.

You're obviously comfortable with sex and erotica. Has it always been like that or was there a time when your models were less sexualised?
My work has always been hyper erotic. Even back in high school I remember doing an assignment where I illustrated a series of models wearing erotic cyber goth clothing. It’s just something that I’ve always liked to work into what I’m creating. Even now if I do fully clothed characters their clothing might be entirely lace or see through PVC. I don’t try to make my work vulgar or anything degrading, it’s more about being proud and confident with sexuality.

You just collaborated with Troye Sivan on his single Bloom. How did that happen?
It was really random actually. I got an email from his manager — at first I thought it was fake — but I replied and it went really fast from there. From the day I first spoke to him up until the video release was only like a three or four week time frame. It was exciting but scary at the same time.

Was working with a queer artist part of the appeal of the project?
It didn’t really influence my decision. Yeah I’m gay, but the thing that really drew me in was Troye being so into the project. It didn’t matter that we both identified as gay, I just love working with people who are passionate about their creativity.

So Troye had a lot of input?
Yeah he did and that was really amazing! It really felt like a collaboration. He knew exactly the atmosphere and idea he wanted to go with, but also left me with a lot of wiggle room. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to work with to be honest.

Is collaboration hard when you have your own distinct style?
I think it helps that I have such a distinct style to my work. Whenever someone approaches me for a project there is already an underlying idea that they’re wanting what I do blended with their own concepts.

Did you enjoy working on a music video?
I’m actually working on another video at the moment that I’m really excited about. It’s for an artist I’ve admired for years.

And then what’s next?
I definitely love working with musicians and would love to keep working in that field but I’ve also had some fun with fashion films which is something I’d like to work on again. Other than that I’m just taking everything as it comes.


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