this is what a break-up looks like

An award-winning new film from streetwear stalwart Soulland traces the wrenching journey, hickeys and all.

by Georgie Wright
27 February 2018, 5:17pm

Your first love feels like a drug. It’s bodies interlocked like Tetris blocks, it’s giggling at hickeys, it’s looking at the world through those heart shaped sunglasses in a completely un-ironic way. Your first heartbreak is a dagger. It’s gorging on cake, it’s kissing with your eyes open, it’s bumping into your ex snogging someone else in an elevator.

A new film from streetwear stalwart Soulland traces this gruelling journey. Directed by skateboarder-turned-Cannes-Young-Director Award-winner Meeto Grevsen, it’s part of a new initiative from Soulland designed to hand the reins over to creatives. In this case, the script, casting and direction was left entirely up to Meeto. The result is a film that makes you want to fall in love and also never have intimate connection with anyone ever again.

The short also just won best international fashion film at the Copenhagen film festival, proving that Soulland’s trusting strategy is also savvy marketing strategy. They get a film that people actually want to watch, and we get to watch it. Someone give Pepsi a heads up.

This article originally appeared on i-D UK.

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