listen to lorde perform a new track and cover frank ocean


by Georgie Wright
02 March 2018, 2:41pm

Image via Instagram / Photography Frank Ocean

Occasionally an artist will come round that transcends everything. Their songs are both incredibly popular and deeply personal music -- a tightrope act that leaves Cirque du Soleil for dust. Their music soundtracks the apexes of emotion: the first lime-spiked Corona on the last long summer’s day, a new lover’s laugh, yadda yadda...

Lorde is one of those artists. Frank Ocean is one of those artists. Lorde just covered Frank Ocean. The song was Solo and the location was Milwaukee. We don’t have many words, just feelings. Lucky Milwaukee.

It’s become standard Lorde tour practice to perform a cover at her shows, an extra little gem in an already very sparkly crown. She’s done Whitney, Paul Simon, Bruce. But this -- this has to be her best yet. The only thing we need now is a collaboration.

Not only that, she also played a new song -- titled Precious Metals -- for the first time.

Lorde have mercy.

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