frank ocean didn’t like timothée chalamet singing his song to him

Two of our favourite humans, together at last.

06 February 2018, 6:39pm

We don’t like to play favourites here at i-D. But if you pushed us, if you tallied up the number of times we’d dropped certain names in the office Slack group, Timothée Chalamet and Frank Ocean would be right up there with tangy Haribos. Fortunately, we now have two of those three things to brighten up this 13 hour long Tuesday afternoon.

Frank interviewed Timothée for V Man. Echoing the sentiments of everyone everywhere, when Frank rang in, Timothée said, “This is so exciting. It is an honor to speak to you, man. I’m such a huge fan. This is going to be a real test to keep my voice level and keep this as normal of a conversation as possible.”

We’ve prepared a highlight reel, if you please.

Frank asked Timothée if people called him Elio (his character in Call Me By Your Name)
“That’s been happening. Though riding the 2 train or taking the M12 bus around the city, that hasn’t changed; I guess people don’t really give a fuck in New York. I actually get more people stopping me for Lady Bird, and going, “Is that the douchebag from Lady Bird?” So that’s awesome.”

Frank admits he watches Ellen , which is also where he saw yung Timmy rap about his passion for statistics
“Oh, fuck. [Laughs.] I can’t believe you saw the statistics video. That’s embarrassing,” Timmy says. A refresher:

Frank researches holidays the same way we all do
“I still just Google ‘top five places to get pizza.’”

Timothée is getting really into fashion (well hello)
“[Being involved] with fashion has been really fun, just as a fan. I don’t want to work with a stylist or anything. I’ve been following designers like Raf, Haider Ackermann, Hedi Slimane—these guys are like rock stars. They’re artists .”

He’s also not opposed to a blockbuster
“Christopher Nolan is tied with Paul Thomas Anderson [as] my favorite director. If one of those auteurs has a $200 million film and wants me to be a part of it, fuck yeah.”

Timothée got a drug consultant (for a film guys, chill)
“It felt like a big responsibility to get that right. The movie is about addiction, and to get the actual using wrong would betray anyone’s experiences walking that path. It was very helpful.”

And in what is possibly the best moment of the whole thing, Frank Ocean tells Timothée Chalamet not to sing Frank Ocean to Frank Ocean
“Don’t do that.”

There are lots of other beautiful gems in the interview, which you should go and unearth here.