richard prince sells other people's instagrams for almost $100K

One of the stars of the series of works speaks out.

by i-D Staff
22 May 2015, 1:30pm

Though reproduction in art is nothing new, Richard Prince's Freize New York show thrusts pop art into a truly modern age, adding to the debate about self-representation and ownership of art. The series of portraits, which also features singer Sky Ferreira, appropriates Instagram selfies to the walls of the Gagosian Gallery.

User @doedeere's image was screenshotted by Prince, used without permission for the Frieze show, and then sold to a VIP guest for an alleged $90K. Having only just found out about the usage, @doedeere posted the below photo with a message, explaining she doesn't intend to press charges.

Prince's controversial work pushes the boundaries of copyright. The artist has been taken to court in the past, though his work doesn't actually break any laws. 

See how Sad Girl artist Audrey Wollen responded when Richard Prince appropriated her Instagram, and what she thought of his latest show. 

Richard Prince
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