andy warhol’s superstars give you a reason to visit times square

Rarely seen clips of Lou Reed, Bob Dylan, Edie Sedgwick and more will be lighting up Midtown soon.

by Emily Manning
23 April 2015, 9:45pm

Still from Nico's screen test, 1966

We know, we know: Times Square is a high-wattage hellscape inhabited only by nomadic droves of tourists searching for public bathrooms they will never, ever find. We agree, no New York resident should bear the misfortune of directing rabid packs of Iowa tweens to the Hershey's flagship. But believe it or not, something actually cool is about to happen on 46th and 7th.

Each night this May, a series of screen tests shot by pop art icon Andy Warhol will be on display in spaces where Kohls advertisements would normally burn your eyes. ArtNet reports that Warhol's candid film snippets, shot at his legendary Silver Factory between 64 and 66, will screen in Times Square every night around midnight for the entire month. Subjects of these rarely-viewed 16 mm clips include Bob Dylan, Allen Ginsberg, Lou Reed and his Velvet Underground collaborator Nico, Warhol's muse Edie Sedgwick, and more.

ArtNet also reports that the screen test project is part of a larger joint effort by Times Square Advertising Coalition and Times Square Arts to exhibit art works in the bustling epicenter, injecting it with some much-needed creativity. Fingers crossed the cast of Glee don't decide to stage a flash mob at Applebee's and brutally kill the vibe. 


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