chloë sevigny is crowd-funding her new screwball thriller movie

The “bleak but funny” film about performance and surveillance is seeking $30,000 on Kickstarter.

by Nick Levine and i-D Staff
27 July 2015, 12:08pm

A new "screwball thriller" movie that's cast includes Chloë Sevigny has launched a $30,000 crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter. Titled Slow Machine after a line from Philip Larkin's poem The Life with a Hole in It, the film is billed as a "bleak but funny" thriller about "performance and surveillance." It's being co-directed by Paul Felten, writer of upcoming James Franco comedy Zeroville, and Joe Denardo, a member of art-punk band Growing.

Sevigny's co-stars will include Eleanor Friedberger of Brooklyn band The Fiery Furnaces, Brooklyn-based writer-actress Stephanie Powers and Scott Shepherd, a well-known face on New York's performance art scene. Supporters are invited to pledge any sum from $5, for which they will receive a thank you on the film's Facebook page, to $10,000, which will earn them an executive producer credit. At the time of writing, Slow Machine has achieved $6,901 of its $30,000 target, with 20 days remaining.

Meanwhile, Sevigny will be seen this fall opposite Lady Gaga and Naomi Campbell in darkly comic US TV series American Horror Story: Hotel. She has also reunited recently with Kate Beckinsale and Whit Stillman, her co-star and director on cult 1998 flick The Last Days of Disco, for an upcoming romantic comedy film called Love and Friendship. In the meantime, watch our Guide To Being A New Yorker with Chloë below...


Photography Marcelo Krasilcic, 1994

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