​kanye is scared 3D printing will destroy fashion

The rapper-cum-designer shares his fears in a recent episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians.

23 September 2015, 10:00am

You may have spotted the furore when the Kardashian clan went to their father's homeland, Armenia, earlier this year. But what the press didn't show us from the trip was Kanye West's visit to the country's Tumo Centre for Creative Technologies, where the rapper was given a tour by Managing Director Marie Lou. She announces that she'll be showing him the faculty that teaches art and technology. "I love both those things," enthuses Kanye. But it turns out he doesn't: "This is what I'm afraid of right here: 3D printing," he says later on. "Because the Internet destroyed the music industry and now, this is what we're afraid of right now with the textile industry," he adds, with the gravity of a man who now sees himself as a fashion world fixture. Marie Lou reminds him, "Still, you have to design! It doesn't do it by itself!" But Kanye's fears remain: "Yeah, but what I'm saying. There will come a time when people are making their shoes at home." Marie Lou concedes, and swiftly moves him into the music room. After years of trying to break into the fashion industry, and finally making an impact with his Adidas Yeezy collections, it would be a cruel blow if the designer was suddenly made redundant by DIY 3D creations. 

We think you've got some time left yet though, Kanye. In the meantime, head here to find out more about the future of fashion.