​young love and heartbreak captured by high school students for opening ceremony

Opening Ceremony handed the cameras over to high school students in California to shoot All Of Us, a lookbook film for autumn/winter 15.

by Charlotte Gush
02 December 2015, 1:46pm

Opening Ceremony have tapped up some of the freshest creatives on the scene for their autumn/winter 15 campaign film: high school students. Riffing on their own experience of falling in, and out, of love, the students from Malibu High School in California shot a series of dreamy takes on the theme of young love and heartbreak, with the lovers impeccably dressed in this season Opening Ceremony.

"While most of us can honestly state that it took until after our college years to truly discover our artistic purpose in life, some visionaries are lucky enough to discover their knack during the (arguable) prime years: high school," a blog post on the brand's site says.

Student co-writer Nolan Webster says, "The All of Us short film demonstrates an insight on a very familiar experience of modern relationships: the fact that things often just don't work out. While this may seem trivializing, it can be heartbreaking to see something beautiful become unattainable, for whatever extenuating circumstances. This is what All of Us tries to show: love and loss, memory and rumination, and idyllic beauty up close -- and from a distance".

The film's student director, H. Marsalis Adriano, added, "This is the approach we took when creating this film: incorporating the intimacy and solitude of love. We kept most of our shots tight, drifting from episode to episode in a very dream-like fashion, establishing it as a primarily visual experience to express the idea that love is felt, not said".


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