​exclusive: acne studios reveals debut bag collection

Creative director Jonny Johansson took inspiration from his fascination with the uselessness of champagne bags.

by Charlotte Gush
08 December 2015, 12:25pm

ACNE Studios launches its debut bag collection today and has given i-D an exclusive peek at the festive campaign imagery, which features a donkey, as well as the first look at three new styles: Buckle jeans, Hero jeans and Rope, our favorite, which features a jungle backpack, messenger bag and hip bag design.

"The rope was at the centre of the autumn/winter 15 collection, where I used climbing rope to bind down a coat and create new volume," creative director Jonny Johansson tells i-D. "I love the effect of this rope stitching, so when it came to designing a new range of bags, I wanted to use the same technique," he says, adding, "It is like you've taken larger bags and cinched them down, creating this really satisfying feeling, like something has been contained".

"It has been really interesting to explore the world of bags," Johansson continues, "I looked at bags that already existed, especially useless ones like the champagne bag -- who makes a bag for a bottle? But something about it got stuck in my head, and I had to make one that was useful. Then during the design process, someone in the team said it looked like a pair of jeans. I immediately ran to get a belt, and that's how the Buckle jeans was born. The Hero jeans shopper is a natural development of the Buckle: if you don't like champagne, then maybe you like shopping." Jonny, we think you know us too well!

ACNE Studios' debut bag collection drops in store and online today, with prices ranging from $380 - $1750.


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