​model issa lish was bullied for her unique look

The Japanese-Mexican model was nicknamed “Issa Alien”... by her school teacher.

by i-D Staff
25 September 2015, 3:07pm

Issa Lish's unique beauty has made her one of the most in demand new faces in the industry. She's nabbed Marc Jacobs and Balmain campaigns, made numerous runway appearances -- including walking in Giles and J.W. Anderson in London -- and starred in a string of international shoots and covers. However, as any kid who grew up looking even a little bit different knows, being at school is no catwalk. Somewhat unsurprisingly, Issa recently revealed that she was bullied by fellow pupils, but more shockingly, by her teachers, too.

"I was the only Asian girl in my Mexican high school. I was the only Asian girl ever. I changed schools many times," Lish, who has Mexican and Japanese heritage, told Vogue. "My teachers would call me 'Issa Alien' because they said I looked like an alien," she added. Having made it as one of the hottest new models in the industry, Lish has been able to rise above her haters, and she has even appropriated their taunts for her playful Instagram account, @issalien, which seamlessly blends catwalk shots with glitchy memes and app-edited Snaps of her vomiting rainbows. "My Instagram says a lot about my personality and about stuff I do," Lish explains, commenting that, "People take themselves too seriously these days" and advising people to "laugh a bit more in everyday situations."


Photography Mitchell Sams

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