the a-z of lucky blue smith

Learn your ABCs and get to know the 17-year-old who’s got the world at his feet in the A-Z of Lucky Blue Smith

by i-D Staff
02 September 2015, 1:35pm

Meet the boy with the snow white hair, bright blue eyes and face that would melt even the iciest of hearts. Only 17 years old, the Mormon model has already starred in campaigns for Tom Ford and Calvin Klein, stalked the catwalks of Jeremy Scott and Fendi, built up over 1 million followers on Instagram, instigated more 'meet-ups' than Tindr, made sweet surf music with his equally stunning sisters for their band, The Atomics, and even bagged his first major movie role in Love Everlasting. He's the fashion phenomenon of 2015 and the fantasy boyfriend of all who lay eyes on him. He loves to skate, surf and hang out with cute puppies. He also has an army of Lucky Charms who like, love, and follow him wherever he goes. In a brand new video directed by David Helman, Lucky invites us into the weird and wonderful world that makes him so unique. Introducing the A-Z of Lucky Blue Smith.

A is for…The Atomics, the name of the super cool surf band he's in with his three older sisters.

B is for…Buck Teeth. Giving the rest of the world hope, when he was younger Lucky looked more akin to Bugs Bunny than he did the dreamboat he is today.

C is for… Chiisai, the name of the Smith family's dog, it's Japanese for 'small'. Woof woof!

D is for…Daisy Clementine. Lucky's equally beautiful, blonde haired and blue eyed sister. She's signed to the same agency as Lucky, chaperones him whenever he goes to castings, and is also the lead guitarist of The Atomics.

E is for…Energetic. Describing himself as energetic, we decided to put Lucky to the test with a drumming marathon.

F is for…Faces. From Blue Steel to Magnum, Lucky has an array of different poses up his sleeve, which is why he's the dreamiest model in the world.

G is for…Stay Golden. A big fan of bling, Lucky reps his best street look with a slick pair of gold grills.

H is for…Hollywood. Living every aspect of the movie star life, Lucky lives in West Hollywood. For this scene, we swap one heartthrob for another recreating an iconic film poster of one of Lucky's favorite films.

I is for…Instagram. He has over 1 million followers (they call themselves his Lucky Charms) and many more to come. He likes to host meet-ups where he posts his location to all his followers and sees how many of them turn up. Hint: they all do.

J is for…Just A Kid. Despite being a fashion phenomenon and social media superstar, he's still only just a kid. In his spare time he likes hanging out at skateparks with his friends.

K is for…Kicking Back. When not stalking the catwalk for Versace and Balmain, or shooting campaigns for the likes Tommy Hilfiger and Tom Ford, the thing Lucky loves to do most is just chill out and kick back.

L is for…Lanky. Happy to say it himself at 6ft 3 Lucky is quite lanky, but only in the best way possible.

M is for…Modeling. Lucky's done a bit of modeling in his time. Nothing big though…

N is for…Not Modeling. He's also a movie star and musician, but above all he's just a normal guy.

O is for…Only Boy. Lucky was the only boy growing up with three sisters!

P is for…Pyper. Pyper America is Lucky's youngest old sister. She too is blonde and blue eyed and very very beautiful. She also plays the bass in The Atomics.

Q is for…Queen Starlie. Lead singer of The Atomics, Queen Starlie is Lucky's oldest sister. Unlike the rest of her of siblings, Starlie has long raven locks. Maybe that's because she's a queen!

R is for…Rambunctious. With all that energy bubbling away, it's no wonder he can't control it!

S is for…Skating. To chill out Lucky enjoys carving the skate-park with his friends.

T is for…Traveling. Traveling is a huge part of Lucky's life. His mom told us he had to add extra pages to his passport!

U is for…Utah. Spanish Fork in Utah is where Lucky was born.

V is for…Visionary. With so many talents it was no surprise to discover that Lucky loves being behind the camera too. On many of his modeling shoots he also brings his own unique vision and ideas to the table, which is probably why he always looks so perfect.

W is for…Wings. Lucky loves hot wings and we love Lucky. The one you see in the film came in a box of 8, so naturally Lucky insisted on doing 8 takes…..

X is for…Peroxide. Not that he really needs it, he's naturally blonde. We promise.

Y is for…Youngest. The baby of the bunch, Lucky's sisters all look out for him. Plus he always gets to have the best and busiest birthday parties. #winning.

Z is for…Zoning Out. After drumming for a whole day what else are you going to do? However between us, Lucky's got a habit of daydreaming and sometimes his imagination runs wild.

Lucky Blue Smith