calvin klein is using real sexts in its new ads

And the brand's #mycalvins campaign may soon be popping up on your Tinder.

by i-D Staff and Alice Newell-Hanson
29 July 2015, 4:15pm

Calvin Klein has been proving that sex sells since 1968. From Brooke Shields' 1980 tease that nothing comes between her and her Calvins to Kate Moss' butt-baring 1990 Obsession campaign, the brand's risqué strategies have confirmed that nudity and controversy win every time (despite a recent report that suggests otherwise). And its X-rated legacy is alive and well in 2015: the company just announced the rollout of a new #mycalvins ad campaign based on sexting and online dating.

The images, shot by Mario Sorrenti, feature four couples - and one threesome - about to make good on their sexts. The messages themselves appear alongside, and are apparently "inspired by real events and real people." They involve: initiating a threesome, angling for nude pics, and cheating on your boyfriend.

Though the campaign's tag line is "raw texts, real stories," the situations are reenacted by models - including the campaign's stars Ethan James Green and Reid Rohling (who will replace Kendall on Calvin Klein's Houston Street billboard in New York next week).

"We're highlighting the truth about dating - the meet up, the hookup and the freedom that you have through the digital dating landscape and how instantaneous it is," Calvin Klein's chief marketing officer Melisa Goldie told WWD.

The brand also has plans to invade Tinder with a digital component - so you can shop for cute jeans and cute boys/girls within the same app.

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