​pj harvey shares new track 'the orange monkey'

The outspoken musician shares the latest song from her forthcoming album, 'The Hope Six Demolition Project,' out next Friday.

by Charlotte Gush
08 April 2016, 1:46pm

"I took a plane to foreign land / And said I'll write down what I find," PJ Harvey sings on the latest track to be revealed from her upcoming album The Hope Six Demolition Project, a record that she traveled to Kosovo, Afghanistan and Washington to write, recording some of the album at sessions in London's Somerset House that were open to the public.

"The Orange Monkey" is built from layers of percussion and a chorus that Harvey's voice rises out of, telling the story of an orange monkey on a chain, a landscape of jagged rocks and snow. Having taken on the Hope VI area of Washington in "Community of Hope" -- a controversial track that saw Harvey denounced by local politicians -- she returns to themes of community development on "The Orange Monkey," singing, "With streets that look like building sites, the piles of rocks and dust and smog, could knock out all the different light, when I returned I ran to meet the monkey, but his face had changed, he stood before me on two feet, the track was now a motorway."

The Hope Six Demolition Project album is scheduled for release next Friday, April 15.

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