lili sumner, arizona muse, grace hartzel and more share their fashion week survival tips

Whether you’re feeling fashion fatigued or just need a little seasonal stimulus, Next London has the remedy to revive your season.

by Steve Salter
23 February 2016, 2:40pm

As we enter the penultimate day of shows, presentations, exhibitions and events at London Fashion Week, there are a few bleary eyes amongst us. However, while the frow might be flagging, the models continue to sparkle in the spotlight. What's their secret? What keeps them hot? What keeps them healthy? Here, the forever fresh faces of Next London share their personal pick-me-ups while the talented team shares its tricks of the trade. From dancing all night with Lili to eating well with Lineisy and juicing with Anja, follow these steps and live the model life this fashion week and beyond.

"Go dancing all night, eat your greens and don't forget to sleep."
Lili Sumner

"I'm all about health the rest of the year. Fashion week is for fun. It's when I see all my friends and get to go to great events in the evenings. Though I run on little sleep I'm happy -- that's what keeps me hot and inadvertently healthy during fashion week."
Arizona Muse

"Disco dancing and watermelon juice."
Grace Hartzel

"I drink a lot of green juice; it's like a meal and keeps me healthy all in one."
Ana Beatriz Barros

"To keep warm: a warm coat, hat, scarf and gloves and a good hot drink, whether chocolate, coffee or tea. 
To stay healthy: a balanced diet and taking Vitamin C, since the cold can lower your defenses."
Lineisy Montero

"It's super important to keep yourself hydrated. I love the juice that Wendy Rowe created with Roots & Bulbs called Pure Skin -- drink loads of that! It keeps my skin in shape. The shots from Juiceman are also great, my favorite is the S2 Recovery shot. Keep healthy snacks on hand like bananas, rice crackers and chocolate since you can never depend on the catering backstage. Do a lot of face and eye masks, I like Sulwhasoo Innerise Complete Mask and the Yonelle Eye Patches. They are life savers. You always go out during fashion week; don't do cocktails, stick to shots since the hangover isn't as severe. When in London, I always try to squeeze in a massage with my favorite Patrice Hutton-Jones who does deep body work integrated with energy work aimed at de-cluttering the mind. Seeing her is a must, especially during fashion week."
Anja Rubik

"Stay hot and healthy -- drink those juices! During fashion week I am extremely attentive to drinking lots of liquids. Always make sure to find the time in the morning (whether it's 5:00am or not!) for a swim, the gym, or yoga before the rest of the world wakes up. Find the time for you and love yourself with nutrition. That's how you stay hot!"
Anna Cleveland

"If I'm not too run down during fashion week I try to go to a yoga or Pilates class but my first priority is always to make sure I get enough sleep for the long days of shows and fittings. My feet always take a beating so every night I soak them in Epsom salts and cover them with moisturizer. In my bag I've got a small bottle of Bioderma makeup remover and La Roche Posay moisturiser so I can look fresh straight after a show and avoid any break outs! If I get a chance, I try to catch up with the girls over a bevy and laugh about all the craziness going on!"
Gaby Loader

"The ways I best stay hot are with layers, layers and more layers! You can honestly never wear too many sweaters! Also scarves and gloves are a MUST especially when it comes to NYFW! In terms of staying healthy, I am a firm believer in sleep. I know that sleep is essential to my body lasting 4 weeks of craziness, so I try to get as much of it as possible. Also I love Pilates and running, and am always staying active. Even during show season, I try to squeeze in a workout every other day!"
Julia Fleming

"I think that the best way to stay healthy during fashion week is to stay in touch with your friends. It's a really stressful time for everyone so being able to talk about it with others is good for your mental health, which shows up in your physical health as well. All of the free vodka helps with that too, and drinking alcohol while wearing fur keeps you warm so you'll stay hot hot hot! ;)"
Lida Fox

"Don't worry about what you eat, my trick to staying hot is to get as much sleep as you can."
Lucky Blue Smith

"Besides eating clean, unprocessed foods, running from one show to another also really helps to keep me feeling and looking my best throughout the busy fashion week time!"
Nirvana Naves

"Fall/winter is a pretty stressful period for my skin, hair, and my health all in all. Especially London, because during all four days our schedule is completely full. That's why I try to stick to some of the following tips. Sleep whenever you can. Sometimes you have very late nights and early morning meaning little sleep. I get rest whenever I have a free moment -- in the cab, while at castings or wherever I have an opportunity to do it. Don't let yourself be hungry. I try to eat as often as I can -- always have something with me to bite. I try to remove my makeup right after the show not to stress up my skin. And the last but not the least to think positive! Following these rules makes sure I am healthy and full of energy."

Odette P

"I think you look best when you're calm, happy and positive. I don't overload myself with things to do, so that when I do go to something I really enjoy it. There's nothing hot about people complaining about how many shows & parties they 'just have to go to' -- just keep chilled and enjoy."
Tali Lennox

"Besides products it's all about mind-set during fashion month. Embrace the craziness and enjoy the ride. Happiness gives you a glow!"
Vera van Erp

Having seen it all and advised them all, the Next team shares its tricks of the trade:
"Alfie's favorite time is LFW and he insists on being taken to as many shows as he can as well as wanting to look his best. In addition to carrying Alfie around to shows and keeping him at peak grooming perfection (great exercise for me), my LFW routine includes a large skinny cappuccino and lots of pet treats in my handbag, a little something for Alfie…"
Amanda Bretherton, President of NEXT London

"Fashion Month is a long and gruelling time for those that work in the industry -- it is also very exciting, fast moving and highly creative. I like to stay super informed so I am always checking the social sites to see who is where and what's what, also great to stay on top of show times, delays and the all-important big reveal of which models opened, and closed each show. Fresh air and walking helps keep my mind clear, Waterloo Bridge is a beautiful route into town for the shows in London. Finally, I love Vita Coca Café Latte, like rocket fuel in a carton."
Katy Moseley, Global Director of PR

"What keeps me hot? Being on 3 phones at once with my eyeballs glued to a too bright screen while eating too much curry at 3am. What keeps me healthy? The thought of the girls all safely on their flights on the way to Milan."
Ross Young, New Faces

"I stay hot by running from show to show in my Superga 'Boris' high-tops, a line that our model Binx has designed. And healthy? A good stash of dairy free chocolate bars gives me the energy to keep running in my Borises."
Sarah Leon, Director of Talent

"MPV2 from c-press to start the day and make me feel healthy, cozy clothes (lots of cashmere, which will inevitably make me hot at some point) as much water as possible, frequent fresh air to clear the head, as much laughter as possible (ideally either tear inducing or tummy aching), a glass of delicious wine to decompress before bed and a Dioralyte for overnight hydration."
Tim Clifton Green, Editorial Booker

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