​new hampshire wants to make it illegal for women to #freethenipple


by Tish Weinstock
02 March 2016, 12:55pm

In yet another example of sexist bullshit, New Hampshire lawmakers are threatening to pass a bill that would criminalise the act of exposing one's breasts in public. Why? Because flashing your nips in public is apparently bad for business, tourism in particular. Naturally, the law is for women only; men remain ever free to get their nips out in public, which is curious considering the fact there is no visible difference between the male and female areola. Furthermore, the sexualisation of women's breasts is totally arbitrary. In Victorian times it was women's illicit ankles that got men hot under the collar. Since 1936, men have been allowed the right to bare their breasts in public, thanks to a group of topless men from Coney Island, and making different rules for men and women totally goes against the constitution. It's 2016, ffs, why is this still happening?!