​can you help the movement to eradicate slavery from fashion?

Ethical fashion pioneer Safia Minney is creating a new campaign and book illuminating both the harsh realities of the fashion supply chain and what we can all do to fix it.

by Charlotte Gush
05 May 2016, 6:47pm

Safia Minney has been pioneering ethical fashion for 25 years, having reengineered the entire supply chain to create a slavery-free, fair trade, environmentally friendly fashion business, People Tree, as well as being instrumental in creating a wider movement for positive change across the industry. Now, she needs your help.

Safia is launching a new project, Slave To Fashion, which encompasses a book and campaign to illuminate the harsh realities of slavery in the fashion supply chain and to spread awareness of the actions we can all take to fix it. A Kickstarter page has been set up to fund the project -- which will include research, interviews and mini documentaries -- and it needs £15,000 ($22,000) in pledges to reach its target before Thursday, May 19.

"This book and campaign, Slave To Fashion, is really important to me, because it gives people an understanding of modern slavery in the garment industry and shows how we can eradicate slavery both from business and our day-to-day consumption," Safia explains in a video.

With the institution in 2015 of the Modern Slavery Act in the UK -- which requires companies with a turnover of more £36 million ($52 million) or more to report on slavery in their supply chain -- this issue has been brought into sharp perspective. "71% of companies believe there is a likelihood of modern slavery occurring at some stage in their supply chains," the Slave To Fashion project reports, noting that it is "complex, hidden, and challenging to address."

"It is predominantly women who make our clothes around the world," notes John Hilary, the director of anti-poverty charity War on Want. "These women were promised an amazing future of emancipation. Instead, for many of them it has turned out to be a nightmare, they haven't seen any emancipation, they've just experienced more and more exploitation."

"This project, Slave To Fashion, will be the facts and the people closer to you, and will show how together we can eradicate slavery," Safia explains, adding that, "We need to hold companies accountable for the way they do business, so please pledge and be part of the solution."

The Slave To Fashion project needs £15,000 ($22,000) in pledges to reach its target in the next 14 days. Pledges large and small come with tokens of gratitude, from a copy of the book for donations over £20 ($28), to T-shirts, exclusive designs and events the more you can pledge.

Visit the Slave To Fashion Kickstarter page to pledge and find out more.


Text Charlotte Gush
Photography courtesy Slave To Fashion / Safia Minney

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