5 young actresses to look out for at cannes

As we predict film’s breakout faces of 2016, these stars of tomorrow might just be catapulted to superstardom following their appearance on the Croisette.

by Oliver Lunn
11 May 2016, 2:42pm

Daphne Scoccia in Fiore (“Flower”)

The world's biggest hype spotlight is beaming down on Cannes this week. The question on everyone's lips: Who will emerge as The Next Big Thing? Who will be greeted with laurels, critical fanfare, and a slew of glittering IMDb credits?

Among the fresh-faced actors who only recently lost their big screen virginity, there will only be a handful who elbow their way into said spotlight. Predicting them isn't easy, but there are a few things we can factor in. So, out of the actresses poised to face the blinding camera flashes on the Croisette this week, here are the names you need to remember, the ones to watch, the stars of tomorrow. Take note.

Sasha Lane in American Honey
It's been five long years since Andrea Arnold's last movie, Wuthering Heights. Now she's about to remind us why we fell in love with her films in the first place. To start with, she's great at casting unknowns. Take Katie Jarvis, who was considered for Fish Tank after being spotted at a train station arguing with her boyfriend. For Sasha Lane, the star of Arnold's upcoming American Honey, it was much the same. The 19-year-old had exactly zero IMDb credits, no interest in acting, and was apparently working as a waitress for $7.25-an-hour when she was scouted for the role opposite Shia LaBeouf. (The pair reportedly hooked up during filming, FYI.) In the film, Lane plays a wayward teen who joins a group of misfits selling magazines door-to-door across the Midwest. What follows is a whirlwind of hard partying, law bending and young love. Sasha Lane -- remember that name.

Daphne Scoccia in Fiore ("Flower")
Italian newcomer Daphne Scoccia is set to make a big splash in the Director's Fortnight strand of Cannes. She stars in Fiore, Claudio Giovannesi's drama about a teenage girl who, after being abandoned on the streets by her family and charged for theft, lands in a juvenile detention center where sexes aren't allowed to mix. There she meets and falls in love with Josh, a fellow thief; but burgeoning relationships aren't exactly a walk in the park when you're in the joint, especially in this joint. Pictured with her hood up on the film's poster, looking like Katie Jarvis from Fish Tank, Scoccia is set to steal the screen in this poignant portrait of teenage love that marks her acting debut.

Margaret Qualley in The Nice Guys
If you've seen Palo Alto there's a chance you might recognize Margaret Qualley's face. The 21-year-old actress played Rachel, one of the girls who James Franco's creepy coach comes onto. But it was only a small role in comparison to The Nice Guys, a buddy cop caper in which she stars alongside Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe. The film is set in 1970s LA and follows a private eye (Gosling) who's been hired to investigate the disappearance of a girl called Amelia (Qualley) and the death of a porn star. So it's a 70s-set mob movie of sorts, with mustaches and big collars -- like American Hustle but hopefully better. All eyes on Qualley.

Oulaya Amamra in Divines
Judging by the poster for Divines, which features relative newcomer Oulaya Amamra astride a quad bike, fist joyously raised in the air, surrounded by her mates amid concrete high-rises, there's definitely a whiff of Girlhood about this film. In it Amamra plays a 15-year-old female Arab drug dealer in the Les Pyramides ghetto outside Paris. She lives with her mom on the estate, where she's known by the nickname 'bastard'. She wants to be the big shot in her neighborhood, but an intense friendship and a love affair might make her think twice. Amamra stars alongside French-Moroccan filmmaker Houda Benyamina -- also one to watch -- who wrote, directed, and acted in the film. Keep your ear to the ground.

Kara Hayward in Paterson
You know 17-year-old Kara Hayward from Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom in which she played Suzy Bishop. But now she's matured and she has two big films on the horizon that should, by the combined clout of their directors alone, cement her place in Tinseltown; one of which is the Kenneth Lonergan-directed Manchester by the Sea, and the other is Jim Jarmusch's Paterson, playing at Cannes this week. There's not much info floating around on the latter yet, but we do know that she stars alongside Adam Driver who plays a bus driver, and we know that, intriguingly, she also stars alongside Moonrise Kingdom co-star Jared Gilman. Who knows what Jarmusch has up his sleeve?



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