lndn drgs, the duo crafting a new kind of california sound

The bi-national rap duo channel the g-funk era on their explosive debut.

by Hattie Collins
29 March 2016, 6:25pm

Canada meets Compton on Aktive, the g-funk soaked Fools Gold debut from duo LNDN DRGS. Featuring a plethora of pimpilicious samples, Aktive is an utter delight. Reveling in sumptuous soul and funkadelic R&B, the 14-track album features everyone from mentor A$AP Yams to Cleveland's very own Krayzie Bone. Comprising of Compton rapper Jay Worthy -- stepbrother to Grimes -- and Canadian producer Sean House, LNDN DRUGS might be our favorite binational rap duo right now. Here's a few things you might like to know about the pair…

1. Sean is from Vancouver and Jay lives in California.
Sean: "We've known each other since kids, but Worthy wasn't rapping then. We reconnected years later when he was back in town from LA and started making music together."

2. They are called LNDN DRGS because…
Sean: "Nobody Does it Better™…"

3. They worked with A$AP Yams before his untimely passing.
Sean: "Yams was one of the coolest and funniest people ever. It's crazy how he got behind LNDN DRGS so early on; his validation meant so much to us."

4. They were also affiliated with Suge Knight (before he was sent to prison).
Jay: I never was gonna sign to Suge. I wanted to attach his name to my project with Yams and have it executive produced by Suge, like the old Death Row Records releases. It would have given it that feel.

5. Jay co-produced Noisey's recent documentary, Bompton.
Jay: "I was contacted by a cat named Beef who got word that I would be the dude to be able to walk these guys into a lot of different neighborhoods in Compton / LA. At first it wasn't going to be a Bompton piece. Yams had told me in the past that one day Vice would hit me up for an LA episode and it wasn't until Snoop told Andy Capper, 'You guys gotta do Bompton.' That was easy for me because I'm there and I worked as an associate producer on a show called Welcome To Fairfax prior to this, so that was my intro to film. Other then that, my only other film background was directing my own music videos."

6. Krayzie Bone features on Aktive, while the album artwork is by the infamous Joe Cool, known for his iconic artwork on Snoop's eponymous Doggystyle album.
Sean: Joe Cool's artwork is an iconic part of rap music; it's California street and gang culture. We felt he'd be the perfect fit with our music, so we got in touch with Snoop, who connected us to Joe. As for Krayzie, I remember playing Thuggish Ruggish Bone over and over when I was a kid. Shout out DJ U-Neek.

Jay: I love 90s rap. I don't listen to new rap. And my favorite rapper is probably Ice Cube -- easy call.

7. Aktive is a sample geek's heaven.
Sean: On Aktive some of the samples were picked out before we made the records, but most were from digging through like hundreds of albums at a time. Lyrically, it's autobiographical; Worthy talking on specific times and experiences in his life. He's really giving you game on Aktive, no fake shit.

8. Which they decided to stream rather than sell.
Jay: We did that way so that anyone could listen.

9. Jay was a naughty little kid.
Jay: I was a menace in school. They wouldn't even let me go to the bathroom during class, because I'd leave to go shoot dice.

10. Their hobbies include sipping lean and playing Super Nintendo.
Sean: We are lean mixologists and Super Nintendo enthusiasts
Jay: Outside of music, my hobbies are definitely Super Nintendo and playing 21 best of five though with tip ins -- it's brucial.

Aktive is out now


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