waking up with ten creative new york men

Rebekah Campbell photographs ten artistic guys in the early hours, and we ask them how they get inspired and what their mornings look like.

by i-D Team and i-D Staff
15 December 2015, 3:45pm

Michael Bailey-Gates, 22, artist

How do you sleep? Without many mistakes- I've been doing it every day since I was a baby.

Describe a recent dream. I can't say, I don't remember dreams.

What's your morning routine? I need an animal to make the morning start. Our dogs wake us up- I let them out into the backyard, take a shower, and chat for an hour or so about the day.

What do you do in bed besides sleep? I've never thought about it really.

Are mornings creative for you? Not usually.

How do you get inspired? You can order it on Netflix.  

Marcel Castenmiller, 29, photographer

How do you sleep? Fetal style if I'm alone. Spooning otherwise.

Describe a recent dream. I recently dreamt that I was overwhelmed with work and had to run around the city trying to complete everything in time for each deadline. I was with someone though, someone who made me very happy, but I don't remember who that was.

What's your morning routine? After waking up I do a Japanese radio taiso routine, take a shower, make some breakfast. If I go for a run, I would leave breakfast and showering until after.

What do you do in bed besides sleep? Almost everything: work on the computer, play Playstation 4, read, watch films. I try my best to do all my work at a table and avoid the bed but sometimes when I work it's too late in the evening to avoid being horizontal.

Are mornings creative for you? They can be, especially when I have someone to photograph in bed or at breakfast. The atmosphere in New York in the morning is also beautiful, everyone has somewhere to go, something to do which can get me all riled up to run around and take a lot of photographs.

Ian Bradley, 29, freelance fashion editor and stylist

How do you sleep? Like a rock.

What's your morning routine? If not on set, I answer emails from bed, go through every social media outlet till my eyes bleed, get coffee, jump rope on my roof, watch Wendy Williams, then do work out of the public library in my hood.

What do you do in bed besides sleep? Procrastinate.

Are mornings creative for you? Yeah. I often go to bed obsessing over a loose idea/concept and usually figure out if it's worth pursuing or scrapping by time I wake up.

How do you get inspired? People watching on the streets, lurking on Tumblr, and going through my personal library. 

John Hein, 26, undeclared

How do you sleep? There's a Youtube channel where a soft-speaking Indian man reviews household items. His accent gives me ASMR and I listen to that until I doze off.

What's your morning routine? Wake up, drink a glass of water sitting on my nightstand, put in mentholated eye drops, make breakfast usually consisting of home fries, tofu scramble, and toast, drink coffee on the couch while watching an episode of Seinfeld, take a shower, do a series of stretches that allows me to not be tired until my next cup of coffee in the evening, get dressed. By this time, I am ready to eat another meal, after which, I can start my day.

What do you do in bed besides sleep? This is a loaded question, pervert.

Are mornings creative for you? I can't think straight for about an hour or two after waking up, so no.

How do you get inspired? When I see someone do or say something that I think is odd or I don't understand (or usually stupid), I'm inspired to make jokes about it until I'm tired.

Judith Supine, 37, artist

How do you sleep? Very well.

Describe a recent dream. My friend that recently relapsed was tracking and hunting me in the woods.

What's your morning routine? I make English Breakfast tea for my girlfriend. I make myself coffee. Talk to my cat a bit. I usually start making art in the afternoon.

How do you get inspired? My go-to inspiration is the Met. I love the Rockefeller collection.  

Matias Argañaraz, 28, artist

How do you sleep? I read that it's not good to fall asleep to movies or TV, but I usually do. My girlfriend is a bed hog, so I'm either crammed against a wall if I'm at her house, or falling off my side of the bed at my house. My cat loves snuggling so he's on top of me the whole time. It's exhausting.

What's your morning routine? It depends on whether or not I have work. If I do, I'll sleep until the last minute, which gets me to work about 5 to 10 minutes late. If nobody is expecting me anywhere, I like to take my time. I'll go get a coffee and a donut. Probably a sandwich. On days like those, I leave my house around noon and go to my studio.

What do you do in bed besides sleep? There is a strict "no pants" rule, because you use your pants for subway seats and leaning on walls out in the world. Pants are filthy. If I'm not sleeping, I'm either watching something or making love to my amazing girlfriend.

David Moses, 21, fashion designer

How do you sleep? With my eyes closed!

Describe a recent dream. I was the only one dancing at a party and everyone was getting gifts but me. :-(

What do you do in bed besides sleep? Eat, watch Netflix, and think about how much I have to do.

Are mornings creative for you? I'm most creative in the morning. By the end of the day I'm burnt out, so it's best if I start early.

How do you get inspired? It's hard not to get inspired in a city like New York. I'm inspired by my friends, the fashion community here, my family, and everything going on around me.

Jasper Briggs, 20, photojournalist

How do you sleep? Like an old dog.

Describe a recent dream. I went roller skating with Ronda Rousey. We ended up at a beach and climbed down this hill to get to a little cove, and just chilled there while the sun went down. It was a dream.

What's your morning routine? I'm usually pretty lethargic. The first thing I do is determine how long I've overslept which dictates the rest. But if all fails coffee with or without a cigarette is nice.

What do you do in bed besides sleep? Take photographs, edit photographs, read a book if I have a good one.

Are mornings creative for you? Only on weekends, otherwise I'm too tired or rushing to get to work on time.

Austin English, 32, artist

How do you sleep? I used to sleep very deeply but recently it takes me hours of tossing and turning and slowly running over every event of the day in my mind before I can fall asleep. Lately I've been doing so many things related to making art and I end up staying up very late getting things done, so sleep always feels artificially imposed, like something I have to force myself to do.

What's your morning routine? Lately before going to studio I've been trying to work in my sketchbook when I wake up. I never get anything good done, but it makes that moment before doing the more focused work later in the day less weighted.

What do you do in bed besides sleep? Wrestle with my anxieties.

Are mornings creative for you? I'm trying to train myself to make them more that way but usually it's the least creative time. 5pm, when everything that needs to get done in the day is finished, I feel the best and start doing actual good work. But I'm trying to get better with mornings, hence working more in my sketchbook. 

Connor Stanley, custom content creator

How do you sleep? Most nights on the left side of my boyfriend and the dog, Billie. On the nights I'm alone, right in the center.

What's your morning routine? Snooze twice, read the news on my phone, splash some cold water on my face, put on a sweater to grab coffee at The Bean and start working until the hunger train rolls in.

What do you do in bed besides sleep? Read, catch up on TV, call mom.

Are mornings creative for you? I'm more of a night person.

How do you get inspired? Aimlessly walk around the city - watch the way older folks do their thing. 

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