20 ways to be funkyoffish

The funkyoffish collective is made up of Pixie Geldof, Ashley Williams, Francesca Burns and i-D's own Fashion Editor at Large, Julia Sarr-Jamois. With over 18,000 followers on their Instagram account, with pics of food, fashion and 90s pop-stars, it's...

by Julia Sarr Jamois
03 February 2014, 11:45am

1. It's a phrase derived from the words funky and an abbreviation of official, "offish". This vocab car crash first came about when fashion friends Pixie Geldolf and Ashley Williams were discussing a trip Pixie was making to her lawyer's office. She was struggling with what to wear. The dilemma: she had to look official, as she was conducting official business, but she also wanted to look funky (obvs). And so funkyoffish was born.

2. Funkyoffish is derived from an abbreviation this can be shortened ever further to FO. Abbreviations are very FO i.e. Miu Miu.

3. Coloured faux fur is a staple in the funkyoffish wardrobe, I like to dress mine down and wear it over a grey tracksuit or dress it up and go for fluffy accessories too, bags, hats, shoes the more you can pile on the better, the muppets are funkyoffish!

4. Prints of all kinds are FO, if in doubt go for animal! Leopard and zebra are FO classics.

5. Sportswear and streetwear are very important, Palace, Nike, Adidas, Supreme but I like to smarten up a tracksuit with a pair of Gucci loafers or Church's slippers.

6. Loafers, they are a classic offish shoe and go with everything as mentioned above I like them with a full tracksuit but they also look fabu with a leopard or PVC mini skirt.

7. Pyjamas worn outside the house are very FO, Prada hawaiian prints ones are mega but so is a classic pin stripe set..its very comfyoffish (conformable and official).

8. Wear anything Pink! it's the funkyoffish colour of choice.

9.Hoop earrings are the FO jewellery of choice small or big they can add the FO finishing touch to any outfit.

10. If in doubt wear something with an ultimate funkyoffish logo, like Chanel, LV or Hermes, just a belt, earrings or a bag will do or you or get inspiration from super stylist Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele and go for all of them in one!

11. It's a balancing act, too much funky and you end up looking like Lady Gaga. To much offish and you're Maggie Thatcher.

12. Karl Lagerfeld is a funkyffoffish legend. He runs Chanel, THE most funkyoffish brand. Karl's responsible for the a multitude of funkyoffish items such as the Chanel brick bag, the Chanel bike, and my personal fave, Chanel trainers!

13. As mentioned above Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele is a stylist. Described by fellow icon Karl Largerfeld as "an eccentric", her work is funkyoffish, but so is she, seen regularly wearing full Jeremy Scott tracksuits whilst on holiday in St. Tropez, CCDD is the full funkyoffish package. (Names that abbreviate well are good too).

14. Miuccia Prada, is the ultimate funkyoffish icon, she is at the helm of not one, but two funkyoffish fashion brands - Prada and Miu Miu. Banana earrings, 50's inspired car prints, floral embellished sunglasses, pink and black polkadots - these are all the epitome of funkyoffish.

15. It's not just clothes dogs and cats can be funkyoffish too, try dying your poodle rainbow coloured or calling your cat after a funkyoffish icon i.e. Miu Miu.

16. Activities can also be FO, the top two are bowling and karaoke.

17. FO foods, the most FO food is lobster, but so is ice cream, candy floss and sushi especially when served on a Hello Kitty aeroplane.

18. When something is not funkyoffish it's FNO or UFO (unfunkyoffish).

19. Being mean - Funkyoffish is not just about the way you dress, activities or what you call your puppy - it's also an attitude. No meanies!

20. Smiling is very funkyoffish and it's free!! :)



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