richard nicoll spring/summer 15

Richard Nicoll was riding the normcore wave way before it got its fancy moniker, and – as a result – is light-years ahead in that game. With its modernised old-school summer tailoring, creased fabrics, and metallics, his spring/summer 15 collection was...

by Anders Christian Madsen
16 June 2014, 3:10pm

Photography Mitchell Sams

For all the collection's lightness and brightness, it was insistently intricate, not missing a chance to elevate any kind of bland basic to a new level - take for instance the softly utilitarian gingham shorts, the plimsolls with those mad pom-pom shoelaces, or all the early 90s shibori tie-dye. At Nicoll Towers the devil is in the detail. i-D caught up with Richard backstage. 

richard nicoll spring/summer 15

What did it mean?
It was just the idea of kind of celebrating individuality in a personalisation of a generic kind of urban wardrobe, I suppose. 

In what way?
Celebrating diversity and the DIY approach but not in a literal way, so re-contextualising fabrics and using fabrics that weren't precious so you could kind of crease them, which was the literal interpretation of that. 

How did the shibori come about?
We did the shibori dye in Tokyo and then we did some traditional shibori print for outerwear. Technical and artisanal.


Text Anders Christian Madsen
Photography Mitchell Sams

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