we ask kate moss' lovers and friends, "what makes Kate, so great?"

Kate Moss is still the fairest of them all - loved you then, love you still, always have, always will!

by i-D Team
16 January 2014, 9:30pm

Kate Moss by Craig McDean, The Streakers Issue, No. 221, June 2002

"Kate is very charismatic. As a person and as a friend all I can say is she gets so close, she gets under your skin, even just chatting about nothing important. I've never met anyone like her." Dame Vivienne Westwood 

"Kate is irresistible. Her sensual vulnerability makes it impossible to stop looking at her." Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin

"Kate has all the qualities that only come together, in a person, once in a blue moon and that's what makes her a superstar. She has an incredible skull and face that is just so divine; it takes to light so beautifully. She is an incredible actress; she has the capacity to make you believe completely in what she is doing in that moment. She has a very powerful sexuality, which can seduce all that she pleases. There is a vulnerability in her eyes that makes you want to love her and take care of her, and she is a super cool rock and roll chick! She is almost perfect, but not quite and that makes you love her even more, because it makes her human." Mario Sorrenti

"I have known Kate since she was a teen. Kate is the real deal in every sense. A truly modern woman, she is a free spirit who never sold out. She makes clothing come alive; she makes a room come alive. Kate is the defining girl of our time. She has the beauty, the brains, the style, the personality and joie de vivre by the truckload." Ronnie Cooke Newhouse

"Kate has the face of an angel and the spirit of a minx! She's our dear friend, our muse and we never get tired of photographing her. What makes her 'Kate Moss' is her sense of style, her own interpretation of sexiness, her understanding of art and her own point of view to life. All this... plus those lips. You can't go wrong!" Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott

"Well... it's simple - she's soooooo Kate Moss!" Marc Jacobs

"It's because she wears the clothes, they don't wear her, she makes it all her own." James Brown 

"Spiritual iconic beauty!" Riccardo Tisci

"She is fantastic, fun and smart, charismatic and charming. It's really not only about the way she looks, even if she has this very special power that makes everything she wears very desirable. She is unique. Working and shooting with her is a story with no end." Emmanuelle Alt

"Kate is Kate - she needs no further explanation. She is unique. Kate is a chameleon, captivating, iconic, effortless. Her attitude, her mystique, her story is her beauty and allure. The girl from South London may have many faces but there is only one Kate and I am very proud to have her as my mate. Kate is unique, loyal, and unforgettable in every way." John Galliano

"The reason why everybody wants to work with Kate is: A) she is the biggest icon in fashion. B) she is the one and only. C) She is sexy funny intelligent and a really good trusting friend." Luigi Mureno

"Kate is not just beautiful, a supermodel, or icon. Kate is to me the most tempting of beauties, she fascinates us, there is a breath, a smell, and a promise that Kate translates even through a single image. You simply believe her. I think my best friend Lee expressed it perfectly when he came out at the end of his show in Paris wearing a printed T-shirt, it said simply 'We love you Kate'." Annabelle Neilson

"Kate is unique. The moment she wears something it becomes a trend." Carine Roitfeld

"Her vulnerability." Grace Coddington

"Kate Moss is the ultimate fashion icon! She's such a purely AUTHENTIC person! Absolutely rare! Absolutely unique! Absolutely true! I love her!" Stefano Pilati

"Magical, bigger than life, hysterically funny, overboard with taste and many more things are part of what I think of her!" Mario Testino

"What fascinates me about Kate is that she manages to make her look work in so many different ways, but at the same time she manages to be the same distinctive Kate. She embodies the dreams of men, women and designers. She is magnetic." Donatella Versace

"We are in love with Kate ever since she featured in our autumn/winter 1992/93 campaign and since her first Dolce & Gabbana fashion show (spring/summer 1993). It's been a long time but her sweet, romantic and perfect face makes her unforgettable: A true icon and an English rose!" Domenico Dolce

"In Kate we've always liked her unmistakable style, her versatility and ability to play different roles. Whether she is innocent or seductive, brave or ironic, romantic or... simply Kate!" Stefano Gabbana

"What can one say about Kate that hasn't already been said? She's unique. She has a real and rare personality." Miuccia Prada

"Kate's ability to be totally timeless, yet somehow still change with the times is what makes her so captivating. To have found her niche so early in her career, and never to have deviated from that has secured her at the pinnacle of the industry. However it is always her effervescent personality and love of life that shines through - she is a captivating friend." Fran Cutler

"Kate in many ways epitomises the word 'smart' - she just knows... Whether it is looking into a camera lens, rifling through a rail of product, or creating a fashion trend - she just knows. She is also bright, funny, different - ten characters rolled into one and a constant chameleon. This in combination with being extraordinarily photogenic makes her an unrivalled cover star, fashion icon, and very good company." Sir Philip Green

"Kate, like fashion itself is the ever changing never changing NOW!" Marc Quinn

"When the camera's rolling she really gives it her all without inhibition... She oozes sex from every pore and isn't afraid to squeeze it out... I love her because she doesn't give a fuck... she is rock and roll." Katy England

"There has never been any one more beautiful than her in front of the lens, Andy Warhol would have definitely silkscreened her." Craig McDean

"Kate's bullshit is worth other people's diamonds." Jake Chapman

"Kate is the epitome of cool, she embodies living life to the full, she's a great godmother, travel agent and friend." Rosemary Ferguson

"If you meet her she's small; you wouldn't pick her out in a crowd of girls, but once she's photographed something magical happens." Sir Peter Blake

"Kate, do you remember when we first went to Calvin Klein together? Patrick was there too, and we had proposed you for the next jeans campaign. Calvin had you slip into a pair of jeans and told you to walk back and forth barefoot in his office. You had just a white T-shirt on and I remember you were standing there with your two hands rolled up in it. Calvin was standing in his usual pose, baring his weight on one hip, one foot forward, left hand to the chin, right hand holding the left elbow, silent, thinking. He was scrutinizing you up and down: You were unusually short for a model and your legs were slightly bowing outside. Your face was pure and absent of make-up. You could see your little crooked teeth when your lips opened. When he had you sit on the floor, you magically just dropped holding your knees with both hands and you held your head down for a moment. When you looked up, strings of hair were in your face, and I could see that your eyes were looking back and forth at the three of us without moving. Your chin was almost touching your knees, your hand slid down the side of your leg and I remember your fingers were playing with the edge of the jeans by your feet. You gently pushed away your hair to give Calvin a final look. We all were silent and we could almost hear you breathe. He just said 'Ok! Thank you for coming.' You disappeared to change. Calvin turned back to me, stunned and with no sound articulated 'LOOOOOOVE!' That was it. You were the next Calvin Klein girl. That's the power you have and that's how fragile you can be as well. Before all, people want to know you, want to know the person, what's inside, get a piece of your mystery and your amazing personality. For me, you never were a model per se but a star, and I think that's why people just can't get enough of you." Fabien Baron

"Kate has an attitude and energy unlike anyone else in fashion, and all these years after she first burst onto the scene as an irreverent teenager in a Calvin Klein slip dress, she is just as modern, and sometimes just as shocking. Kate has a daring, chameleon-esque charm that transcends trends and, it appears, decades. She is a fashion original who trusts her tastes and acts on her whims, a style innovator with rock-star swagger and uptown polish, just as comfortable in vintage as in couture." Anna Wintour

"Her look, her attitude, her sex appeal, her energy, her versatility... The fact she is always herself." Stella McCartney

"Kate??? I just don't get it!" Guido

"When she first started workingas a model, Kate was the antithesis of what we were seeing on all the runways and in the ads - she brought a fresh new look that was the complete opposite of the 'supermodel'. She has become such an icon. I think her incredible success, from those early days until now, is mainly due to her incarnation of the rebel - her 'rock'n'roll' attitude and her unique way of wearing clothes has always been a source of inspiration." Christophe Decarnin

"I always feel great pride when I see Kate looking down from another cover. It makes me happy to see she's still on top. I think we still love to see her because whatever has been done in the photographs, she never wears a mask. She doesn't act or pretend. It's her, always her, real and mysterious, fragile and powerful. Viva la Moss." Alister Mackie

"Kate is my baby. I love her forever." Julien D'Ys

"Kate's rebellious style is her trademark. Elevating anything she wears to cult status. With a simple and haunting face, perfect for conjuring up any mood or character. Besides from this Kate has remained an ordinary girl. The last time I saw Kate, Edward, Naomi and myself went to Winter Wonderland, watched X-Factor and ate roast chicken. Always such fun!" Pat McGrath

"She's sphinx like and minx like in equal measure... irresistible." Jay Jopling

"From early on she was just so exciting, full of energy, sweet, cheeky, beautiful. I liked her from the beginning. She just got better and better as it went on, mischievous, sexy, gave you a picture, just like that. I like her extraordinary full of life smile, the lust for life, relentless energy, the confidence of just being who you are and living it to the full. To understand, to have an adventure in life. I think she is excellent." Juergen Teller

"Kate is very charismatic. As a person and as a friend all I can say is she gets so close, she gets under your skin, even just chatting about nothing important. I've never met anyone like her." Vivienne Westwood

"Kate and Naomi's strong personalities and individual style have marked them out as superstars of the modeling world. They still intrigue and interest us as well as look beautiful." Alexandra Shulman



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