mcqueen is the subject of another major london exhibition

Tate Britain showing over 130 photographs Nick Waplington took of the designer

by i-D Team
29 October 2014, 11:40am

Alexander McQueen's presence will be looming large over London next year. As well as the V&A's Savage Beauty exhibition, Tate Britain will be showing over 130 photographs that artist Nick Waplington took of the designer. The images capture McQueen's intense creative process as he prepared and presented his final Autumn/Winter collection, The Horn of Plenty, in 2009. Waplington - best known for his work centring on issues of class, identity and conflict - shows the raw and unpolished side of the fashion world, juxtaposing images of McQueen's working process with rigorously produced photographs of landfill sites and recycling plants, to create a powerful commentary on destruction and creative renewal. Opens 10th March. © Nick Waplington

Alexander McQueen
Tate Britain
Nick Waplington