rl grime shares his favourite hip hop instrumentals

As his debut album Void gets EDM kids seriously turndt up, turn down with RL Grime's best beats

by Francesca Dunn
05 December 2014, 1:17pm

23 year old producer prince Henry Steinway aka Clockwork aka RL Grime knows music. When he's not cozying up to our mate Ryan Hemsworth, scaring himself silly reading Goosebumps, or playing back to back (to back) with Skrillex and DJ Snake in Sydney, Mr Grime sometimes has time to make whole bodies of work. Time between tours slowly but surely stacked up and Henry eventually had enough time to produce his debut album, Void, out now on WEDITIT. In an act of pure love, appreciation and celebration for the album, let us not get caught in a trap but instead reflect on RL Grimes favourite rap instrumentals. If brilliant instrumentals aren't your thing, why not see this as the perfect opportunity for some hip-hop karaoke? Educate yourself.

Madvillian, All Caps

"This song taught me a lot about sampling. In high school I would listen to this record almost everyday."

Drake, Lord Knows

"I remember the first time i heard this I stood up out of my seat. The drum work on this is untouchable and the fact Just Blaze hired the harlem boys choir to record the main parts just puts it over the top."

Clipse, Mr. Me Too

"Every sound in this beat were so foreign to me at the time I first heard it. This is still so unique."

Fat Joe, Lean Back

"Scott Storch at his finest. Groove on this one is untouchable."

Lil B, I'm God

"One of the first Clams Casino productions I'd ever heard. This beat has so much depth and texture to it. Really one of the most beautiful instrumentals of all time."


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