lou dalton autumn/winter 15

​Exploring the functionality of menswear and the sensitivity of the man beneath, Lou Dalton gets personal for autumn/winter 15.

by Steve Salter
11 January 2015, 11:58am

"We worked hard this season to really set out who we are, what we do and where we want to take it," Lou Dalton began backstage. "It's known that I come from a strong tailoring background and that I'm very much into the construction and engineering of garments so I wanted to bring that home," she added. The result was a tailoring tour de force that created a an armour of functionality that protected her man whilst hinting at his vulnerability that we all find so enthralling. With jackets that transformed into fitted gilets and two-for-one coats, transformation was just a quick zip away, softness and lightness could be layered or stripped as and when needed.

For me, from the tailoring trickery to the unexpected appropriation of traditional fabrics, this was Lou Dalton remixing her greatest hits to create a familiar yet wonderfully fresh sound. This was her stripping everything needless away and celebrating her immense talent. This fruitful introspection was sparked by a family photo. "I found a picture of my father taken in 1969 and, in addition to the feelings that conjured up, I started to look at what was happening globally at that time," she adds. "From 66 to 69, it a tremendous time of change brought about by people fighting for things they believed, from the Black Panther Movement to Virgil Grissom dying on the Apollo 1, and I brought that back to my father who fought for the family's survival. It was about the inner strength and trying to be in control of that, exposing it a little bit so you're showing your sensitivity." The Lou Dalton man is one we can all relate to yet all dream of becoming.



Text Steve Salter
Photography Ash Kingston

Ash Kingston
London Collections: Men
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