the supermodel’s guide to rio

With the 2016 Olympics already in full swing, we call upon our favorite Brazilian supermodels to share their top tips about the city and reflect on what having the Olympics hosted in their motherland means to them.

by Tish Weinstock
08 August 2016, 12:27pm


"It's amazing to see my country doing something so important. Two years ago there was the World Cup and now the Olympic games. It's good for tourism and Brazil's economy. When I'm in Rio I love to stay in Fasano's Hotel that is located just in front of the Ipanema Beach. The sunset there is amazing!!" - Ana Barros


"I think having the Olympics in Rio is going to be a little challenging, as our economy is not that good. I know we'll be able to pull it off and make it the best we can! One of my favorite places to eat in Rio is the traditional Bibi Sucos — they have all the best acai bowls, fresh juice and coconut water, and the most delicious sandwiches!" - Aline Weber


"I'm so proud of Brazil for hosting the Olympics this year! My favourite restaurant in Rio is Sushi Leblon. I always make sure I go when I'm in Rio — the best sushi restaurant I've ever been to!" - Barbara di Creddo


"Bracarense in Leblon. It's a fun place to go straight from the beach for bolinho de bacalhau [traditional fish pastries] and ice cold beer!!" - Caroline Ribeiro


"Hosting the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro means putting our country in the world's spotlight. Showing that despite all our problems, the Brazilian people can overcome difficulties to achieve our goals. When I'm in Rio, I like to wake up and take a breakfast at Talho Capichaba in Leblon. At night, if you're looking to party go to Bagatelle restaurant on Thursday, Friday or Saturday — people get crazy!" - Fernanda Liz


"Bar Sobe is really nice bar; you get a local Rio feeling with good food and nice cocktails. You have to check out the Science Museum (Museum do Amanhᾶ) with amazing architecture." - Carolina Thaler


"I think it's a huge opportunity for the world have a look in our country which is known around the world for our soccer players. For me, it's impossible to be in Rio de Janeiro without a camera; it is a beautiful city and you will go back home with a so many beautiful pictures." - Bruna Rosa


"I'm very excited for the Olympics! It will bring even more visibility to our country and our amazing culture. I love walking in the calçadão from Leblon through Ipanema until Copacabana Beach. Then grabbing some natural coconut water at one of the beach tents and climbing towards the Arpoador Peninsula to see the sunset. It's a great way to spend the afternoon." - Thais Custodio


"We are not in our best political moment now, but for a whole month, millions of people will have their eyes fixed on Rio and Brazil. It's a beautiful opportunity to grow and show our culture in this moment, like other cities that have previously held the Olympic games. When I'm in Rio I love going to a restaurant called Pomar Organico. It's set in a beautiful location, great also for breakfast and even better if you're vegan! I love it!" - Fernanda Taverez


"I think it's great to have such a nice opportunity for the people of the world to get to know the people of Brazil and our culture. The games bring us an opportunity to appreciate new sports and athletes. My favorite spot in Rio is a place called Arpoador — it's a small beach between Copacabana and Ipanema beaches. It has the most beautiful sunset ever; I love to spend the end of the day there!" - Dani Witt

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