yayoi kusama wants to make your bedroom her next work of art

Airbnb and the Tate Modern are teaming up with the legendary Japanese artist to transform one lucky Londoner’s spare room into a cosmic hall of mirrors or neon sticker paradise.

by Emily Manning
06 May 2016, 8:10pm

We often dream about living inside Yayoi Kusama's otherworldly installations — having dinner at the Obliteration Room's polka dot-covered kitchen table, watching TV on I'm Here, but Nothing's couch, and falling asleep under Infinity Mirrored Room's endless galaxy of stars. One insanely lucky Londoner will soon have that once in a lifetime opportunity, but not during a Night at the Museum-style sleepover; Kusama will give your bedroom a full-on makeover.

In what is possibly the best contest ever, the Tate Modern and Airbnb have partnered with the iconic Japanese artist to transform one Airbnb listing into a work of art. If you're a host listing a private room or entire home within the Greater London area — well firstly, congratulations, because you haven't yet been priced out by the tragically insane housing crisis — you can enter for a chance to have Kusama turn your extra room into an immersive installation. Will she turn up on your doorstep with hundreds of metal spheres, giant flailing neon tentacles, multicolor stickers, or just a bunch of Louis Vuitton bags? Honestly, who cares. Any way you slice it, the 87-year-old is contemporary art's most visionary interior decorator.

The prize also includes a pair of tickets to the Tate's extension opening party on June 16, where you can brag to collectors about how Kusama's art isn't on your walls, it is your walls. The challenge: you've got just 300 characters to explain why you'd like Kusama to transform your home, and only four days to enter before the contest wraps on May 10. Get going! (and if you win, can we have a slumber party?)


Text Emily Manning
Image via Flickr Creative Commons

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