david bowie-inspired emojis are coming

Apple has revealed two versions of the star-powered David Bowjis and more ch-ch-changes to the keyboard.

by Taylor Ford
03 November 2016, 2:07pm

via @emojipedia

If the lightning bolt doesn't quite feel electric enough, and the Milky Way emoji seems too small, you'll soon be able to caption your Instagrams with star power worthy of the late David Bowie. Emojipedia reports that the next iOS will include Aladdin Sane-era David Bowjis.

In similar haircuts, one hot pink and the other a cool blue, the two slightly different versions of the face-painted rock star are the latest ode to the gender-bending Starman, following his passing in January. The emojis are officially, and slightly unfortunately, titled "Female Singer" and "Male Singer." (Apple will also be adding a new facepalm emoji that they might want to use right about now.) Following the recent positive additions — including six different skin tone modifiers, as well as same-sex couple, anti-gun violence awareness, and gender-equal professional emojis — Unicode is proving that even if they don't always get it right on the first try, they're getting pixels closer to breaking binaries with every update.

More ch-ch-changes include the redesign of the existing emoji offering and a slew of new animals, foods, objects, and career options, among them — no thank you — creepy clown. And David Bowie isn't the only fallen icon being immortalized; Unicode will also introduce a miniature digital rendering of Harambe.


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