london's female designers shaping the industry: part four

London has the highest number of female designers in fashion, with women leading the charge at some of the most successful and forward-thinking labels and fashion houses in the world. With London Fashion Week underway, we team up with Sarah Mower, MBE...

by i-D Staff
19 September 2016, 4:40pm

Roksanda Ilincic

Why is London a hotbed for female talent? London breeds creativity. We are lucky to live in a city where smart, witty, intelligent women are championed whether that be in politics, business, art, or fashion. I am so pleased to see young women taking on the industry; even last season's Fashion East — Lulu Kennedy's initiative — showcased three female designers. What are the advantages of women making women's clothes? Women bring a different perspective. As a woman we know what it is like to either want to dress up, or feel like just wearing a pair of culottes and a simple shirt. My fashion is definitely woman-inspired, woman-freeing, and woman-encouraging. Which woman in fashion has been the most instrumental in your career? Louise Wilson was and still is an instrumental and inspiring woman for me. She gave me this incredible freedom to experiment and push boundaries. She made me fearless.

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Thea Bregazzi, Preen

London's female designers are... fearless, independent, bold and uncompromising. British women have always been leaders in individuality and breaking the mould.

Fran Stringer, Pringle 

What are the advantages of women making women's clothes? All my favorite designers are women. Women design clothes that I want to wear. I get fed up of seeing flamboyant or over-sexualized clothes on the runway. What I love are women willing to flip things on their head. From Katherine Hammnet's oversized political slogan tees to Phoebe Philo's back-to-reality approach to fashion. 

Martine Rose 

Why is London a hotbed for female talent? London is a city that is very open to everyone. People of all genders and races within the creative industry can really thrive here.

Faustine Steinmetz 

Which woman in fashion has been most instrumental in your career? I'm not sure where I would be without the support of Sarah Mower and the NEWGEN panel. Receiving their backing really gave me the confidence. I will always be extremely grateful for that.. 

Anna Laub, Prism

Why is London a hotbed for female talent? London is definitely one of, if not the, central place globally for fashion design, so it makes sense that there would be so many women designers here. I love that about it. London's female designers are... super creative, they stand for what they believe in and they put themselves out there. What are the advantages of women making women's clothes? There is a realistic element to their clothes and I think to a certain extent only women can really understand how clothes make women feel. What advice would you give young girls hoping to follow in your footsteps? Take your time, don't rush, learn thoroughly about what you are doing before you jump in. But equally take a chance, because if you don't try you wont get anywhere. And most importantly, trust your instinct.


Photography and artwork Quentin Jones
Hair Kei Terada using Bumble and bumble at Julian Watson Agency. Make-up Rebecca Wordingham at Saint Luke's using H&M Beauty. Photography assistance Gareth Horton. Digital technician Tanya Houghton, Morgan Brown. Hair assistance Issey Hyde and Ami Fujita. Make-up assistance Gareth Harris, Holly Reza and Molly Nicholas. Designers Amie Robertson. Anna Laub. Ashley Williams. Astrid Andersen. Caitlin Price. Claire Barrow. Cozette McCreery. Danielle Romeril. Faustine Steinmetz. Fran Stringer. Hannah Weilland. Helen Lawrence. Holly Fulton. Luella Bartley. Margaret Howell. Marta Almeida. Marta Jakubowski. Martine Rose. Mimi Wade. Molly Goddard. Pam Hogg. Phoebe English. Roksanda Ilincic. Sam McCoach. Simone Rocha. Sophia Webster. Thea Bregazzi.

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