premiere: young magic, 'default memory'

More artistic alchemy from Melati Malay and Isaac Emmanuel as they share the third single from their album.

by Francesca Dunn
26 April 2016, 11:48am

Brooklyn duo Young Magic is gaining quite a reputation for its stunning music videos. "Lucian" saw effigies burnt to the ground for the Indonesian day of silence, while "Sleep Now" was illustrated by footage from archival documentary Lost In Bali before the veritable 3D rainbow trip that was "Valhalla (Reprise)." As the band prepares to release its new record, Still Life, treat yourself to another beauty inspired by singer and songwriter Melati Malay's travels.

"'Default Memory' was written as a dedication to the ones I love, both living and passed," explains Melati. "It came about around the time I was visiting family in Indonesia... a reminder that memories are never still like a photograph, but constantly oscillating. I was hoping to capture the feeling of dynamic suspension -- memories as active objects -- orbiting, changing and reflecting each place I've ever walked through." Created with producer Isaac Emmanuel, the animation is made up of 35mm photographs she took on her travels through Morocco, Mexico, France, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Singapore, and the US. Hijacked by suspended and slowly rotating shapes, this is still life with a difference.

Default Memory is due for release on May 13 via Carpark Records.


Photography Olga Nazar

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default memory