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Bring Your Own Body is chronicling the transgender experience through art.

by Tish Weinstock
15 October 2015, 10:20am

Bring Your Own Body: Transgender Between Archives and Aesthetics is a new exhibition opening today at the 41 Cooper Gallery in New York's The Cooper Union. With an emphasis on sculpture and performance, the exhibition chronicles the transgender experience across a variety of media, with each artist working with or responding to an existing body of archives.

For instance, Chris Vargas' collage references the work of "fuckologist" John Money, as he considers the links between the psychedelia and self-actualisation movements in the 1960s, while other artists such as Justin Vivian and Flawless Sabrina turn to their own archives as a means of inspiration. Accompanying the show is a strong series of programmes whereby numerous performers will be occupying the space at various intervals, from live talk shows and readings, to film screenings and pop-up salons featuring trans-focused, printed matter.

Bring Your Own Body: Transgender Between Archives and Aesthetics runs until November 14th


Anonymous photographer, police department, Three standing figures, 1966 Courtesy of Kinsey Institute, Indiana University.
Effy Beth, Una nueva artista necesita usar el baño (A new artist needs to use the bathroom), 2011. Courtesy of the artist's estate. Photo by María Laura Voskian.

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