adidas has finally released 'the life aquatic'-inspired zissou sneakers

Check out the Adidas "Zissou."

by André-Naquian Wheeler
27 June 2017, 6:50pm

For years fans have been begging Adidas to release a version of the customized Roms Steve Zissou (played by Bill Murray) wears in Wes Anderson's The Life Aquatic. Well, the company quietly fulfilled our dreams last weekend — releasing 100 limited-edition pairs at the We Love Green music festival in Paris. The timing wasn't coincidental: Seu Jorge, whose music was prominently featured on The Life Aquatic soundtrack, was playing at the festival.

While The Life Aquatic is not Anderson's biggest critical or financial success, the public has been obsessed with the characters' minimalist nautical style since the film's 2004 release. Zissou's clean Adidas Roms were a standout, featuring submarine-yellow shoelaces and sea-blue stripes. Fans were so enamored with Anderson's custom kicks that they launched a petition in 2005 calling for Adidas to create a wide-release of the shoe. This was before collabs and limited-edition runs were the name of the game in fashion, so the petition seemed far-fetched at the time. "I would be surprised if it happened," an Adidas spokesperson told USA Today back in 2005.

The Adidas Rom is a decades-old shoe. The style was first released in 1959 to celebrate the 1960 Rome Olympics (the first edition is practically impossible to find today). While the shoe was massively popular in the 80s, it is no longer a staple style in Adidas's lineup — which only makes the Adidas Zissou more special.

Perhaps Supreme can release a version of Zissou's cable knit red beanie? And we can easily envision Prada putting its own spin on the blue crew uniforms. 

We've reached out to Adidas regarding a wider-release of the Adidas Zissou and will update once we receive comment. 


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